indepth guide to camping and counter camping

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indepth guide to camping and counter camping

Post  WWW.REDTIGERELITES.NET on Thu Apr 30, 2009 4:19 pm

now, yes camping is noobish, but i like it, from a strategic point of view, if your stupid enough to keep walking at a well positioned player, who has got a section of the map locked down? then you are the idiot, and there is no bad point to camp...

let me give you an example of how "I" would do it...


team layout
2 M16
1 M40A3

map = Crossfire, you spawn at the bottom, first, the sniper turns around and plonks himself in the two story behind the spawn and STAYS thier the WHOLE match, his job, watch the entrance of the other 2 story, the bottom floor of the destroyed building and the back entrance...

the 2 M16s run across and occupy the 2 story at the bottom of the street, one sets up behind the car to watch middle, the other runs into the runs into the buliding and watches the left of the map...

1 MP5 runs into the destroyed cafe, and sits at the top of the ladder watching down...

1 MP5 runs and sets himself up near the sniper, for protection...

the LMG, runs between the 2 bottom buildings, giving fire support on bottle necks and areas where the enemy are rushing...

camping takes an immense amount of teamwork, communication, and patience, this is why people hate it, it stops you playing the "Rambo", in order to counter that you have to get VERY lucky OR get yourself some tactics, there is no way, you, are going to beak through that...

1. they will keep respawning there.
2. it takes more than a "Rambo" to kill 6 well positioned players.
3. i spent 3 hours with my team working this out perfectly.

Scenario 2:


2 M16
1 MP5
1 Shotgun
1 Sniper

spawn on the opfor side,

2 M16, go to the two story building overlooking central courtyard, one sets up at the back stairs looking at the back entrance ( B on SnD ) and watches, the second goes downstairs, if you look you'll notice there is a small dark area you can watch the central coutyard from sit in their...

1 sniper goes into the into the Dark back alley, next to the Blockades and watches up the street for anyone trying to cross the back road...

1 MP5 sits near the sniper, to cover him...

the LMG goes into the 2 story and sets up in the top room over looking the central courtyard and puts rounds into anything that moves, recommend to stay at back of room to minimise risk of being sniped/sprayed...

1 shotgunner stands on the bottom floor of the 2 story to cover the side entrance, this covers the M16 guy who'll be covering the central courtyard.

with this tactic there'll be alot of shifting fire, and manouvering to cover each other as you'll need to watch alot of entrances, so it'd be best to have bandolier on, maybe the LMG and the M16s...

why this works:

1. because you have all the angles of approach covered
2.becuase your too spread out fo 1 'nade to get you
3.becuase of the amount of amount of ways that they "CANT" shoot you from.

so thats my first to Camping stratigies, now how to counter them.

scenario 1 ( Counter )

first, you'll have to get atleast one guy killed so you know where there holding up, this means you'll know where they are...

the most important thing is, do NOT rush the front, as its covered by, 1 sniper, and 2 m16s, plus and MP5 that can shift instead you main priority is to take the sniper, do this by pushing left, through the cafe, but staying in line with the wall so that the other team will have to move if they want to cover them, keep at least 2 people watching the bottom building so they can tell you what the M16s are doing and if the Mp5 has moved....
to kill the sniper, you'll need an M16, to have the range and stopping power, and the Automatic capabilitys, get 1 to just put rounds somewhere to stop them moving a second to hit the sniper and a third to watch for support, the fourth should be watching your back at all times, now with those to dead you'll want to push forwards, but keep your 4th watching your back and get the 2 you assigned to watching the building to start putting rounds down the at the building, at this flash or stun the **** out of the first building, make sure you have some left, the best way is to put a tactical coloumb and get the first guy to flash, second to push though to the car , third to go left, by the counter and the fourth go upstairs, this leaves you with 4 that would of spawned somewhere else, now once you've pushed through, make sure you leave one guy by the building, this stops them spawning there, and the 2 you put into overwatch? well they keep the enemy from spawning at the top, so you knwo that those enemys will then spwan either, in the two cafes in the center, or in the back alleys, so put your 3rd and 4th watching them, and then the 1st and 2nd frag the destroyed roof to get the mp5 guy out, if that fails, then you use the side jump, onto the dumpster, onto the wall and into the window.

that has succesfully broken apart the enemy team, and now inorder for them to get back they must re-group and run to that spot, which you should leave 2 guys in, to prevent them from spawning there.

thats as much as i've got so far, i'll do Counter Scenario 2 tomorrow.

so check back here often, as this will be updated everytime i figure stuff out.

Part 2

so on to counter the 2nd scenario,

you need frags and stuns/flashes on at least 3 people and then have one with a smoke

basicly you are assualting a fixed position with multiple lines of site, the best way to do this is to split them up, make the top floor fight seperatly from the bottom floor...

use any set up, but have at least 2 people with Frag x3

the first thing is the sniper and the MP5, they are stopping you going from the front, so your going to have to have 1 sniper, set him up in the flower house, but at the BACK of the room so he is a smaller target for the other, keep him up there until he's taken out the two at the bottom.

when he's setting up there, you will need to guys in the courtyard, and two guys at the back B entrance ( in front of flower house ) the moment there down, get the courtyard guys to put a smoke out then push through QUICKLY, but wait at the back of B, next to the balcony, keep you sniper watching out for spawners, and keep one guy with as the enemy will be watching the smoke, but dont count on all of them....push the other two into the guy should take the back steps, one guy should take the side door...the other two? one climbs up the balcony and enters the second floor, the other goes through the window on the bottom...IMPORTANT the guy that goes through the door is aiming to get a Frag into the part under the stairs, the dark cuboard, the guy in the window is set to killing the guy with the shotgun next to the door

when the two up stairs are going upmake sure you flash/stun both rooms, the two down stairs should put some rounds into the roof to hit the second floor, the two upstairs should be breaching both rooms, when entering the left hand room, if you shoot the wall facing the courtyard, inline with the door with the balcony room, you can see whether anyone is camping in there, once the bottom two have put 10-15 ounds through the roof, they too, should push upstairs to help the clearing, you shouldnt get attacked in there, becuase you have your sniper covering you, and the mp5 guy, also i'd recomemend leaving one guy on the balcony so he can go into over watch, now once you've done that, they should spawn on the other side, as you've swithced all the spawns....

the key tactic here is flah and clear, but fast, when your in you NEED to be fast to stop them spawning near you, if your Red, tell someone, get them to take your position, and then you go into overwatch...

thats the counter for scenario 2.

now for the weapons, some may disagree, but these are the weapons that i intended this to work for..
weapon choices:
M16, RDS.
Mp5, RDS/Silencer
M40a3, normal
Rpd, grip
W1200, RDS

the M16, is an obvious choice, its is a vey powerful gun, its accurate and is generally the best Rifle.
the Mp5, is a powerful, accurate gun, its chosen due to the flexability it offers
M40A3, is the best sniper no other reason.
RPD, this is accurate, powerful, and has a very good amount of penertration, so it can be used to hose walls.
the W1200, i like this shotgun, its very powerful, surprisingly accurate and has a good amount of ammo.

these are the weapons i'd reccomend for these tactics.

they are designed on a 6v6 basis, but if your good it could be impovised to fit a team of 4, the most important part is your abilitie to shift fire when needed and to respond to things, if someone calls, "i got two, back of B" you've got to decide who is the most useful person, in this case it would be the LMG guy, the reason? because the bottom floor M16 guy is covering the courtyard so the LMG can be moved to support other people if it was the front of B house, then the MP5 and sniper could take them, with, maybe the support of the M16 guy?

what is most important is the capabilities of your team, you must be able to think and respond to situations effictivly, you cant have screaming and shouting, it must be a clam, "two guys, back of b, need some support" in which the reply should be, "ok, gimme a sec" not "OMG DUDE ITS TWO PEOPLE JUST ****ING SRAY DUDE"...that not only takes more time, but it can mess up the entire strategy, in my view the team is one big machine and your all cogs making it work, if one breaks, that means the others cant work poperly, it may still keep going, but not as effiecently as it could do.

but if, you can get these simple strategys down, then theres no reason why you cant win a little bit more, or improve your K/D more? if your pat of a clan, it will increase your teamwork, communication and thinking skills, you will look alot better, becuase of the teamwork your showing and you'll become alot more confident in more skills and gameplay.

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Re: indepth guide to camping and counter camping

Post  RTE NAMELesS on Sat May 30, 2009 7:26 pm

Very nice Arctiik. Id donate you some points but you already have plenty.

I would like to get a couple maps down to be our "bread & butter." So we are ultra confident campers/everyone know their roles maps- Crossfire & Crash.

I'm going to come back to this thread though for ideas for practice...

RTE & me are kinda like the hair club for men..... I'm not just the founder..... I'm a member too!


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Re: indepth guide to camping and counter camping

Post  @ Crysiiz on Sat May 30, 2009 11:35 pm

You can donate them to me What a Face
@ Crysiiz
@ Crysiiz

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Re: indepth guide to camping and counter camping

Post  RTE Nate Dawgg on Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:40 pm

Longest post ive seen ever.. I actually read it all. Agree
RTE Nate Dawgg
RTE Nate Dawgg

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Re: indepth guide to camping and counter camping

Post  RTE CRASH v3 on Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:57 am

good stuff, maybe replace the LMG'er with a more mobile if in GB because a LMG'er is usually slower and can be exploited with frags if done right. altough aslong as he keeps a supporting role then he wil be fine 9 times outta 10

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Re: indepth guide to camping and counter camping

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