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SnD differs from normal game modes in a few very important ways:

1. You do NOT respawn
2. One team has a bomb which they need to plant and detonate, they have two sites from which to chose from. Not all of them have to live to win (you'll find out later)
3. The other team must eliminate the enemy team before they can win.

I will split this into three parts, one for attacking, defending and advice that applies to both sides.

Both Sides:

1. Prenades/Set Nades: These are grenades normally thrown in the first 10 to 20 seconds of each round. They will aim for the common choke points that people run into. For this Fragx3 is very useful if you want to spam the hell out of these areas.
2. Sniper battles: On each map there are pionts in which snipers have a good view of players getting to good positions, normally each team has at least one sniper so naturally these snipers will trade a few shots and may take a sniper out whilst also killling enemy rushers too.
3. Claymores: You will come across campers but also players covering the flanks that use claymores, they are more common in this game type, which is why bomb squad is more useful so you can see where the claymores are hidden.
4. Use your ears: If on console, get a good headset, if on PC turn up your speakers (but not so you make yourself deaf with gunfire ) In SnD you need lots of small advantages to add up to a large advantage against the enemy, one of the ways of doing this is to listen for enemy footsteps, that way you can either set traps and wait for them. Or you can catch them of guard and run straight at them. Bear in ming you can also hear claymores being set and bombs being planted if you are close enough.
5. All alone....... : If you end up being the last member on your team. DO NOT PANIC, at this stage you need to be alert. Depending on the number of enemies left they could try to flank you or just rush in and find you. The best thing to do this is find hiding spots and take enemies out one at a time.
6. Ninja Defusing: This is the art (I call it an art because once you have done it you will try it again and again) of when the team that is defending has a player go to a bomb site and sneaks up to a player planting the bomb and starts defusing the bomb as soon as its planted.
7. Fake plant/defuse: You make a noise when planting and defusing so this is a good way to lure anyone waiting for a surprise kill.


1. The Bomb: You need this to win, basically a member of the team picks up the bomb and must plant the bomb at either site A or B. Planting time varies from PC servers (I'm not sure on the length on XBOX 360/PS3) and so does the time it takes for the enemy to defuse it. To win by this tactic, the enemy team must be prevented/delayed from defuse the bomb until it explodes and you win. If the bomb carrier dies the bomb is dropped and another must carry on with the mission.
2. Another way to win is to eliminate the enemy team, just simply kill them all.
3. If you do plant the bomb but all of your team dies, you still have a chance, the timer is still ticking so if the enemy does not defuse in time you still win.


1. Without a doubt to win this you need to kill the enemy team completely (unless there is a cunning ninja lerking about )
2. Set up your team so each bomb site is protected, the worst thing to happen is for you all to go to A and then have to trek across the map, wasting time) and therefore being less alert and so more open to attack.
3. Protect the defuser, if the defuser is killed you lose precious time. Don't stare at the guy (unless you have killed the enemy team then you could shag him/her up the ass it makes no difference). Watch out for anyone hiding in the shadows and if you have to be a human shield and take the bullets for them. This allows them to either defuse or come and help if there is enough time.

If you are a n00b: If you just want to piss people off then you can try this:

1. Pretube: Fire a noob tube from the grenade launcher and try to get kills.
2. When defusing after the enemy are killed, they will be spectating you so you can spin around or flash your night vission to piss them off.

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