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Post  Guest on Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:55 pm

This is a medium/large map which has a rectangular layout, there are 3 main roads running down the map with a horizontal road running through the middle. There are several sniper spots for those wishing to support the infantry or you could go run 'n' gun style and hunt the enemy down.

This is a medium/large map which has a square layout, with two buildings on either side offering sniping spots this map will sure offer variety. With another building in the centre of the map with three levels, ground, 1st floor and rooftop accessed via ladder.

This is a medium/large map and a keen favourites for snipers. Two very similar buildings flank the layout which work as great camping spots. The map is almost symmetrical to a certain extent.

This is a medium/large map, with one main sniping area at the top end of the map and a big mound of 'bog' in the middle this is a favourite for those who like tactical flanking.

This is a medium/large map and most people I know do not like it, but I know of some who do. It is a very open map with not many places to hide except maybe near the missile launching silos.

This is a medium/large map which offers variety in playing style, some tend to snipe, some role as infantry, some as heavy gunners, the legendary 3 story building has many stories to tell such as C4 planting on heli's and grenades bouncing in your face.

This is a medium/large map which snipers like to play, with a building at one end and a damaged building at the other end, there are many spots to watch for those Barretts. Flanks can become very active during deathmatches.

This is a medium/large map which has some annoying parts where you tend to die alot, lets call them hot deaths. Especially difficult to airsrike successfully because of the tall buildings.

This is a medium/large map with some bad weather, hence the name downpour, one building in particular seems to be active in deathmatches is the one near the big garden we could call it. Sorry to be vague.

This is a medium/large map with lots of plants and crops to lie down in and camp for an enemy. Sniping across the map seems to be favourite going from one bridge to the other. Very challenging map if you haven't got a sharp eye.

This is a medium/large map which is also a favourite for snipers, especially in SnD. With a grassy area at one end of the map opposed with a building with a wall mounted machine gun, there is sure as hell to be some conflict.

This is a very compact/small map which many people find challenging, expect some high kills along with an amountable death count aswell. Some of the experienced players will know some tactical approach to this map if there is one...

This is a medium map which is the set for part of the intro scene where a key character is executed (SP Mode) Expect to see some grenade lauchers and helicopters in this map because of its open-ness.

This is a medium/large sized map which contains potential for tactical play. Buildings offer cover for snipers and back alleys for infantry to attack the opposition.

This is a medium sized map which you could see alot of shotguns because of the tight corridors. A very fun map but not if you manage to get an airstrike or chopper because most of the play is inside although there is one end of the map which is outside.

Wet Work
This is a medium sized map which you could see alot of rogue grenades thrown over containers, with two bridges on either side of the ship, and two platforms near the centre, you will also probably see some sniping taking place. Maybe use your night vision for this? Some do some dont.

Those were the normal maps, now the bonus maps .

This is a medium/large map based in a TV broadcasting station where you are trying to find Al-Asad in SP Mode. It has two floors, and t can be alot of fun in the main room in centre of the map in a ground war domination...

This is a large map with many backstreets and buildings to hide in, I would recommend going through this map with friends before going into online play, as you may find it difficult.

A large map with 2 teams segregated by a valley, most people sniper but for the select few who decide to assault the enemy positions, good luck, with underground access to the enemy side and cross mountain wandering, dont be surprised if you cant find your way back to the pub.

This is a small map which has two sniping blocks, and a vast open space divided by concrete walls and plywood rooms for infantry. Shotguns recommended if you like, this is almost like vacant without the corridors.


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Post  RTE NAMELesS on Sat Dec 20, 2008 7:26 pm

The descriptions are good but won't do for tactics. RTE clan members must know these maps like the back of their hand for call outs. Visit cod4central to really study the maps and think about what locations you want "call outs" at. Then post in this thread.

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