guide to mini-uzi

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guide to mini-uzi

Post  WWW.REDTIGERELITES.NET on Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:29 pm


~ Pretty Good rate of fire on this weapon.

~ Good for "Hip-Fire" shooting.

~ Decent damage

~ Easy to use Iron Sights (IMO)


~ Low clip capacity...not much ammo

~ Not the greatest damage..So use stopping power.

~ Low Range.


~ The Mini Uzi's clip holds 32 bullets.

~ Starting off a match you will have 96 rounds, will vary with bandolier,

~ The maximun amount of rounds you can carry is 192.

Good Game Types To Use On

~ Search and Destroy is one of this guns famed gamemodes. Many users love this weapon silenced.

~ TDM...Like most weapons on call of duty it is good on TDM as well.

~ Sabotage..Domination are also good with the Mini Uzi.

Perks that should be used

~ I recommend that you use 3 frags..Claymores on SnD., I also suggest stopping power..just to get that kill a little faster due to the smaller clip, and last but not least I prefer to use steady aim because it gives you a better chance from "Hip-Fire" can also use martyrdome. Bandolier is also good if you play TDM and are worried about running out of ammo.

Good Attachments

~ OK for your attachments I suggest using either Red Dot or the Silencer. More the silencer on this weapon. I dont know why but it just works or me.

~ I would try to shy away from the acog on the uzi even though I love "Acoging" alot of my other weapons. This gun is more of a Close quarters weapon and doesnt have the range to use the acog.

My Tips

~ I recommend that if you arent into SnD but you would like to try it..use the Mini Uzi silenced with stopping power on. This weapon is terrific in SnD and I feel it would work well for you.

~ OK my tips on getting the headshots, is dont try just shoot, they will come. This gun has enough recoil that shooting to the chest will end in a headshot..usually.

~ Try to rush and hide with this weapon. Dont try to be cool with your SMG and go charging into a crowd just run out get a kill and run back.

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Re: guide to mini-uzi

Post  MetalSoul23 on Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:07 pm

i kinda like the Uzi due to the shocking fire rate, only in close quarters though

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Re: guide to mini-uzi

Post  h1dd3nn sn1p3r on Sun Mar 08, 2009 8:39 pm

lol have u ever tried acog uzi with double tap,no steady aim lol it just fires anywhere hip firing and ends in a headshot everytime for me lol its so funny
h1dd3nn sn1p3r

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Re: guide to mini-uzi

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