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PG user guide: lemme know what you guys think, or what iv missed out on please, thanks for the time people.

RPG’s, so, what are they?

The RPG used in COD4 seems to be some variant of the Soviet RPG-7. The worlds most common hand held anti-armour weapon.

RPG-7’s, or Rocket propelled grenades are not in fact rocket powered fragmentation grenades. They are either HE (high explosive) warheads, or anti-tank High explosive shaped charge warheads. That is, they are a base plate of high explosives surrounded by a copper cone (Hence the pointy shape). When the base plate explodes using an impact fuse, it collapses the cone into a thin, but hypersonic jet of malleable copper which is designed to cut through plate steel armour and destroy a tanks internals and kill the crew.

The anti-personnel blast radius is actually very small compared to fragmentation munitions. The weapons primary role is designed as an anti-armour or anti-structure weapon. Its Anti-personnel capabilities come simply from the high explosive base-plates concussion effect and fragmentation of the various rocket motor components and warhead outer casing.

More reading: Rocket-propelled grenade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RPG’s in COD4:

Perk space: 1
Damage: Very high
Accuracy: low, to extremely low.
Ammo count: 2

In call of duty, RPG’s are what I call a “Marmite weapon”. You’ll either love them or hate them. An RPG is a very high power, but not a high accuracy weapon. As in real life, they are prone to random direction and trajectory changes over 50 metres and in some cases fly wildly off of their intended course. They are available from very early in the game, so get practicing. The sights are more of a general guide if you will. However RPG’s can be used to devastating effect if used properly. I’ll list some of the main ways I use them.

1: Building clearing. If you know, or suspect a room contains enemies but don’t want to walk into an ambush, fire an RPG at an angle inside the room. This means you don’t have to walk into the enemy’s line of sight, and also don’t have to actually hit the enemy as the splash damage is quite high within a 10-20ft range. Try to hit the ceiling inside the room as this forces the splash damage down over potential obstacles (benches, counters, walls etc) inside the building which the enemy could be using as cover. Warning: Do not assume a room is clear if your RPG doesn’t kill anyone for this very reason. They could be hiding behind sufficient cover. Using RPG’s to clear buildings will also detonate any C4 or Claymores hidden within.

2: Anti-aircraft. RPG’s are a helicopters worst nightmare. One RPG will critically damage a helicopter to such a stage that any decent small arms fire will bring it down. Two RPG’s will destroy any chopper. When attacking a chopper remember a few pointers.

A: Always attack from behind or bellow. The choppers auto-cannon can only shoot in front and beside the choppers direction of travel.

B: Only shoot stationary choppers. All of COD4’s choppers follow predetermined flight paths; it’s a good idea to learn these. They will move from position to position hovering for maybe 5 to 8 seconds at a time. This is your firing window. Take aim, steady it for a second and let loose. Always aim for the choppers central fuselage to account for any trajectory change which might happen in mid flight. Also, try to shoot just as the chopper stops so it doesn’t fly away as you shoot. It is possible to shoot moving chopper, but it’s a mixture of luck, experience and good instincts which guarantee’s a hit.

C: Remember your range. If a chopper is more than 100-150 metres away your RPG’s accuracy isn’t reliable enough to guarantee a hit. I’d use your small arms to damage it as much as possible until it reaches your position, THEN switch to RPG’s as it closes in. For best results use with an LMG.

D: There is no specific “soft point” on the choppers. Some people say shooting the tail works best, I disagree. All choppers take 2 RPG’s, or 1 RPG and some small arms fire to down despite where you hit them, and both choppers (The U.S/U.K AH1 Cobra, and the OPFOR/Spetsnaz Hind) take the same damage. Choppers hold the same health value on hardcore and regular mode. Remember what each chopper looks like, an designate them visually.

E: Find cover, or move position: After you fire your first RPG at the chopper, it and enemy soldiers will know your position due to the RPG’s smoke trail, as soon as you fire move, reload and be ready for a fire fight with ground troops. Usually I won’t even stay to see if my RPG hit, you’ll know by the hit indicator flashing on screen.

F: Teamwork: As soon as you hit a chopper let your team know its had an RPG, a few more rounds will take it down. As much help as you can get is always handy.

3: Corner clearing: Much in the same way as building clearing, RPG’s can be used to fire into the ground in front of corners killing anyone hiding on the other side and allowing you to take them out without exposing yourself to their return fire.

4: Pot Shots: See a UAV dot? Can’t be bothered chasing it down? Fire an RPG and try your luck, you’d be amazed how lucky you can get. My best ever shot was hitting a sniper at the petrol station in Overgrown from the barn. The RPG hooked round a house to do it. On you go, try your luck, but remember to save 1 RPG in-case you need it.

Some Notes on RPG’s.

Increasing your accuracy: You’ll hear many claims of ways to increase your RPG’s accuracy, from aiming longer, to lying prone. I can’t discount any, but I fail to notice the difference. In any case, it’s usually not practical to stand still holding a 2 metre long bazooka over your shoulder, looks slightly suspicious. I find hoping like hell and whispering sweet compliments to your RPG works best. For me personally, this weird accuracy is part of what makes me love RPG’s. Keeps things exciting. RPG’s would be too devastating if they were 100% accurate at all times.

Alternative to tubes: RPG’s are a respectable alternative to noob tubes (or the under barrel grenade launchers). People don’t moan about them as much and they take far more skill to use efficiently. They are also marginally more powerful and a crap lot more exciting. Using an RPG will also free up your weapon attachments so you can keep that ACOG or red dot you love so much without losing your heavy artillery.

Moving under sniper fire: Pinned down by a sniper and cant move ? Fire off an RPG in his general direction. HE WILL MOVE, allowing you to run across his field of fire without fear. Even if you dont hit him, you'r denying him kills and letting him know it aint gonna be an easy kill.

Sonic Boom: this perk does what it says on the tin. Makes RPG’s more powerful, kills guys quicker. Sorted. This perk does not increase the splash damage range of the RPG as far as I can tell.

Banzai shots: Remember when aiming RPG’s, just because your MP5 shot through that chain link fence doesn’t mean your rocket will do the same. Click BOOM! Dead. It happens to me a lot. Watch out when aiming past edges and corners as well, or firing between pieces of scenery. The clipping, and hit detection can be somewhat dodgy with RPG’s. Be especially careful if you are near team mates. The RPG does not have the same fail-safe mechanism as the grenade launchers. Once fired, it will detonate on whatever it hits, be it friend, enemy or scenery.

Smoke trails: Remember, every time you fire an RPG it leaves a massive smoke trail which basically points right at you, its the most obvious giveaway in COD4. ALWAYS at least duck behind cover whilst reloading, and preferably move position. Someone may fire an RPG down your smoke trail at you.

Last Stand: An enemy player who is using last stand and is hit with an RPG, or any explosive will not be able to use their perk. Good tactic against player who use this often.

Smoke Nades: See an enemy smoke screen ? I always fire RPG's into it. Ussually an enemy will throw a smoke grenade to cover their movements making it difficult to hit them with accurate fire. So ? use inaccurate fire. Try to hit the centre of the smoke (Where the nade landed) and use the splash damage to kill any nearby enemies.

Suicide Shots: Sometimes whilst reloading an RPG, or simply weilding one an enemy may run at your out of nowhere. You may not have time to switch weapons, so just fire. Thankfully due to the consiquence free enviroment of video games your team will still get the point, and all you'll get is an extra death with no team penalty. Its better than allowing the enemy to kill you which adds to their team score. Plus, its funny as hell.

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seriously this is a nice guide =) ima play a full rpg match later if u wanna join in
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