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Note: Damage, range and mobility statistics have been replaced by actual units instead of vague ratings. Accuracy ratings have been removed and no replacement has been substituted, since all weapons are perfectly accurate as long as your aim is on target. Fire rate rating was removed, as it was proven redundant by the Rate of Fire statistic. All information was taken from DenKirson's Xanga Site, which has proven to be a reliable source in many past guides I've seen.

Weapon Name: Mini-Uzi
Damage/Range Unsuppressed: 30 damage until 550 in., 20 damage from 750 in. and onward
Damage/Range Suppressed: 30 damage until 375 in., 20 damage from 625 in. and onward
Mobility: 100% (maximum mobility)
Clip Size/Reserve Ammo: 32/64, 94 reserve ammunition if paired with the M9 pistol
Recoil: extremely high cluster
Reload Time: 2.4 seconds / 3.5 empty
Rate of Fire: 950 RPM
Penetration: Small / Small Bullet
Location Damage Multiplier: Head (1.4) / Neck: (1.0) / Torso: (1.0) / Stomach: (1.0) / Limbs (1.0)
Hip Accuracy: Stand (2-5) / Crouch (1.75-4.5) / Prone (1.5-4)
Unlocked at Rank 13 - Staff Sergeant

After completing all challenges in the SMG weapon class, the golden Mini-Uzi will be available for use.

General Information

The Mini-Uzi is a compact, fully automatic, fast-firing sub-machine gun optimized for use in close quarters combat. It is not meant to be used as a long-range weapon! This is one of the mistakes many players make when using the Mini-Uzi (more on that later). Hip firing is usually the way to go.

Recoil can be a large problem when using the weapon fully automatically (again, more on that later). The iron sights of the Mini-Uzi are one of its better features. A bit like the AK-47s iron sights, except shorter and fatter. They don’t take up much of your all-around vision, so it’s easy to kill an enemy, stay zoomed in, and continue to scan the surrounding area. This is important, because if using a suppressor, you will be using these sights.

Do not assume that you will become a master with this gun after reading this guide. It is a weapon that has a lot of potential and fun within it, but you must practice and use special tactics with it to be successful. Please don’t give up on the Mini-Uzi if you fail to do well with it. It’s a difficult weapon to handle, but the results of mastery are satisfying.


Red Dot Sight

Unlocked after 25 kills. Not the right attachment for this weapon. The Mini-Uzi will be fired from the hip in close quarters, not at long range. This attachment is meant for medium/long range, which is not the situation you want to find yourself in with this weapon.


Unlocked after 75 kills. This is the attachment you should stick with for this gun. The combination of effective iron sights and near invisibility on the enemy’s radar is deadly. Combined with stealthy perks (more on that later) and a skilled user, this is one of the best stealth weapons available. Plus, it looks menacing, especially with no camouflage.


Never use this attachment on the Mini-Uzi. If you’ve found the ACOG to be useful on the Skorpion, don’t be fooled into thinking that the two are similar and will work just as well on the Mini-Uzi. See, the Skorpion has no recoil. The Mini-Uzi, the exact opposite. Also, as with the Red Dot Sight, the Mini-Uzi is not meant for long range! So, why put an ACOG on it?

How to use the Mini-Uzi effectively

When engaging enemies in close quarters, point the gun at their general direction and just spray away. Don’t worry about recoil, iron sights, sway or any of the stuff associated with medium/long range fighting. I realize that this spray n’ pray tactic is commonly seen as “nooby”, but it certainly gets kills!

Medium range is where players begin to dislike the weapon and eventually throw it away, due to the weapon’s seemingly poor performance. I have to remind you though; don’t treat the Mini-Uzi with the mentality of an M4 Carbine user. The Mini-Uzi has tremendous recoil, and it is not an easy weapon to handle at medium range.

What you must do is fire in bursts. Treat it as a semi-automatic weapon. I know that it is tempting to simply aim at the enemy and spray, using a full magazine for every enemy, but that method is just not effective. Line up the sights with the enemy (take some time, otherwise you’ll miss the first few shots and be tempted to unload the entire magazine into them), and fire until your sights aren’t on the target anymore due to the recoil. Then, line the sights up again, and begin firing again. This method of combat takes some time to master, since you have to be very good at tracking the target and then lining up the sights, but it is quite effective and fun to perform.

Personally, I'd point out the fact that no matter how good you get at burst firing the Uzi, you'll never beat anyone at long range if you both have equal aim and see each other at the same time. While you're sighting me up again to make the killing shot (5 shots at medium range, 4 with Stopping Power), I've already sprayed you to death with just 2/3 shots from my recoilless AK.

Thanks ViS! Good point; emphasizes that you should never use the Mini-Uzi long-range. Even a pistol is better!

If your target disappears into some cover (this will happen often since you have to line up the sights every time), follow them if it’s not too far away, and then use your close-quarter fighting skills to spray them down.

One last thing: always reload after a kill. This weapon eats up bullets quickly, and with a clip size of only 32 bullets, you have to reload often (I do realize that a clip size of 32 bullets is quite large for most guns, but then again, most guns don’t have the ammo-eating recoil of the Mini-Uzi). Bandolier will help you here, but if you don’t want to use up your Perk 1, have your pistol as the M9, because the two guns share ammunition. The Mini-Uzi will then have 94 bullets total. Plus the M9 is also a very good pistol!

Perks – Slot 1

3x Special Grenades – Comes in handy often for blinding/slowing down your enemies, and is useful for every weapon, not just the Mini-Uzi.

Bomb Squad – Your best friend in Search and Destroy matches. Good for stealth classes in hardcore modes and Search and Destroy. I use this perk in my stealth class for S&D.

Frag x3 – Is also useful for any weapon, not just the Mini-Uzi.

Bandolier – A useful perk for the Mini-Uzi, since it eats bullets quickly. If you really don’t want the M9, or 94 bullets is still too little, this is the way to go. I use this perk for softcore game modes.

Perks – Slot 2

Stopping Power – Again, a useful perk for any gun. It’s useful if you’re not going to use a suppressor for some reason. If you are going to use one, look below.

UAV Jammer – A must for hardcore matches, Search and Destroy, or anytime you’re going to be using a suppressor. This perk is the first step to being a ninja with the Mini-Uzi. I use this perk all the time, as I always use the Mini-Uzi suppressed.

Perks – Slot 3

Steady Aim – One of the best perks for the Mini-Uzi. You’re going to be firing from the hip a lot, and increased accuracy is always good.

Dead Silence – The last ingredient needed to make a terrific stealth class. Great for use in hardcore and Search and Destroy. I use this along with UAV Jammer and Bomb Squad for hardcore and S&D.

Extreme Conditioning – I know, the Mini-Uzi is an SMG, but that doesn’t mean its mobility can’t be increased even more! If you’re going to be constantly mobile, then this is a great perk to have. Use only in more populated matches that are softcore. If playing hardcore or S&D, use Dead Silence.

Mini-Uzi Classes

Softcore Ninja
· Mini Uzi with suppressor
· M9 with suppressor
· Bandolier
· UAV Jammer
· Extreme Conditioning or Steady Aim

Hardcore/S&D Ninja
· Mini Uzi with suppressor
· M9 with suppressor
· Bomb Squad
· UAV Jammer
· Dead Silence

You will notice that these classes are all based upon stealth. This is because stealth is the best playing style when using the Mini-Uzi. If left unsuppressed, there are much better weapon selections, and you will be crushed.

Maps Where the Mini-Uzi is Effective

You'll notice that all the maps listed are tight and small maps, which is where the Mini-Uzi excels, as it's a close-quarters-combat weapon. Also, I didn't include any of the maps you need to purchase, as I don't have them and cannot give an accurate opinion.

Backlot - Good tight map with some high traffic buildings and tight spaces and lots of twists and turns. Just stay out of the long alleyways (i.e. the two alleyways covered by the mounted gun in the smaller building, close to the OpFor spawn point)

Bloc - Okay, I know it seems that I'm contradicting my little beginning note (tight and small maps only), but Bloc can be a decent map for Mini-Uzi users. The two main apartment buildings are terrific places to hunt down snipers and rack up headshots. Also, these buildings are also good pathways to head to either end of the map, where there are tight spaces (the S.A.S. and Spetsnaz spawn points are an example). Just be sure to keep moving so as to not be picked off by snipers, watch for claymores, stay out of the middle of the map, and don't spend too much time in the apartment blocks, as you could be sniped or be killed by revenge-seekers.

Crash - Here's one of those maps where any weapon (except shotguns, in my opinion) can be used effectively. The three story building for snipers and tight spaces for everybody else. Just stay out of the middle of the map (near the downed helicopter) because you'll be picked off by people on the three story building. Also, when moving through alleyways (i.e. the one in front of the OpFor spawn point), be quick and stay on the edges.

Crossfire - Again, a map where any weapon can be used (including shotguns this time) effectively. Stay off the main road. Stay inside the buildings on either side, and watch out for claymores. If you do your work well, free headshots provided by unsuspecting snipers in the sniper buildings will be your satisfying reward.

District - The advice for this map will resemble the advice for Backlot, as they are similar. Tight spaces and twists and turns await you. Stay out of open areas (i.e. the square in front of the Marine spawn), and when moving along alleyways/roads (i.e. the one in front of the OpFor spawn), stay inside the buildings and move quickly.

Downpour - Seems like a dream for suppressed Mini-Uzi users. Tight spaces and not many open areas make for a lot of stealth action. Try and stay out of the paved area of the map (in front of the mounted gun near the Spetnaz spawn), as that is one of the few open areas. Stealth works like a charm here, as there are plenty of tall, grassy areas you can lie in. The sound of falling rain and thunder disguise footsteps. Try going prone in a grassy area, and keep your eyes and ears open for enemies passing by. When they pass, kill them and move onto another grassy area. It works, even without a ghillie suit.

Pipeline - Ehh, you're pushing it here, sort of like in Bloc. Stay in the two main warehouses, and use the underground tunnel network to move around after a few kills in each warehouse. The tunnels work great for sniper hunting. Headshots await you. Don't go onto the three main vertical strips (on the left/right of each of the warehouses), as you will be picked off by snipers. You can also hunt for snipers in the grassy areas of the map (in front of the S.A.S. spawn point).

Shipment - You're also pushing it here. If you're having a small (i.e. 3 vs. 3) match, go ahead, there are plenty of grassy spots and shipping crates to hide in. Forget about it if you're having a match of 6 vs. 6 Domination. You'll be destroyed by the big guys with LMGs and RPG-7s.

Showdown - Good map with fast paced action. Anywhere in the map is fine, except the centre square. When moving along the second story hallways, sprint the distance and take cover behind the various barrels strewn around. Don't try and hang with the assault rifle users that are shooting at targets on the other side of the square, you don't have the range capabilities. Use the first and second story hallways to reach your targets, then use the Mini-Uzi's close-quarter combat qualities to spray them down.

Strike - Similar to Backlot and District. Lots of tight spaces and twists and turns. Stay off the main roads, stay in the buildings and use the less traveled routes to move around. Sniper hunting also works here. Look for them in the building near the centre of the map (with two windows, overlooking both main roads and the "A" flag in Domination), and also the two story building in front of the OpFor spawn point, overlooking the alleyway behind the statue.

Vacant - It's going to be short and sweet for this one: stay inside, don't go outside, and don't stay in long hallways for too long (use side rooms).

Wet Work - Also short and sweet: stay on the edges of the ship, stay out of the middle. You can go sniper hunting if you wish, they're always on the two ends of the ship.

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