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how to lvl up fast

Post  WWW.REDTIGERELITES.NET on Sun May 10, 2009 1:46 pm

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is one of the best shooter games out on the market. The graphics are so real; you’ll think you’re watching a movie instead of playing a video game. The game its self is awesome and the game play action... it will keep you glued to your seat. If you are a true gamer and you want to rank up with honor and not use cheat codes. There are 55 levels that a gamer can rank up to; here are a few tips to help you on your journey.

TIP 1:
Get to know the game maps by planning each mission in story mode. This will help you when you play the multi-player games online. Being familiar with each game map will increase your chances of wining games and racking up points.

TIP 2:
Choose your online games wisely. There are 3 online games that gives the most points, Domination, Headquarters and Sabotage.

Also known as Capture the Flag. There are 3 flags spread out through the game map that your team must capture. Points are giving to each team that has control of a flag. The more flags captured the more points you get. An average game runs for about 10 min.

Similar to capture flag however, instead of flags a team must capture and hold control of one base at a time for points, for a total of 250 points. One benefit of Headquarters is if one player dies, if there team can keep control of the base the points keep adding up, 5 points for every 5 seconds. An average game runs for 14.58 min.

A bomb has been placed in the center of the game map. Each team fights to destroy the opposing team objective. If the enemy team plants the bomb your team must defuse it before time runs out. When your team has the bomb (by the way the bomb carrier can be seen on the map) your team must plant the bomb and defend it to get the point.

TIP 3:
To really increase your points complete the Challenges, you will receive different amounts of XP points for each challenge you finish. To see the list of Challenges click on Barracks, than Challenges. There are 10 challenge groups that you can do, keep in mind some Challenges will have to be unlocked, and this is done when you reach certain levels of rank.

TIP 4:
Before setting out on this mission it is good to keep in mind what your goal is first of all. If you're looking to shine in one of the categories of the Leader boards, here's a few suggestions:

Anything except Search and Destroy will get you a reasonable amount. Sabotage matches with friends and not planting the bomb can yield some high numbers. Ground War can be a little overwhelming at times, and depending on your game play it can get out of control quickly and work against your overall goal.

Search and Destroy is where you can really rack up the wins. Every game is a best of 7, each individual match is a win or a loss, and each match lasts on average two minutes. Keep in mind, you're not waiting 40 seconds between each match in a lobby! ** In Search and Destroy avoid Creek, the defending team has a definate advantage thanks to the map design. If you hate grenades also avoid Showdown.**

Search and Destroy without a doubt. Unless you're a god with the kills, I know no better way... ** KILLS ONLY ** This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, if a high score is what you're after, Planting/Defusing the bomb is part of your match bonus, not your leader board score!

Stay away from Ground War and Machine Guns. Sniping will help you in this category, if someone has a sure fire way of climbing the ranks in this other than not being a bad shot, I'm all ears. Don't gloat by shooting in the air, and let someone else do the suppressing fire.

TIP 5:
Ranked Level 40 and up, in S&D with at least 1 kill, your average match bonus will be 100+, for approximately 2 minutes of game play! If it is a 4-3 kind of game, you're looking at a good 1000+ XP for minimal work. This is like a marksman challenge in itself, at a fraction of the time.

TIP 6:
* A QUICK 100 POINTS! * Search and Destroy is also a great place to throw on the Extreme Conditioning perk, and grab the bomb, run straight to A/B and plant. You'll most likely run past the grenadiers (don't forget my habit discussion! don't follow the same path twice in a row!), and 90% of the people playing are too busy setting up, or looking for a quick kill and not looking for the plant right off. This could also put your team in a bad position; it's good to warn them once you've grabbed the bomb. You'll most likely be killed in this situation, but it's a quick 100 points as I noted… (This works great on Crossfire/Back Lot/Pipeline)

TIP 7:
DON'T BE DISCOURAGED BY GRENADES IN S&D! Watch the kill cams, if they can throw it and hit you, you can also return the favor next match.

TIP 8:
DON'T USE THE SAME ROUTE EVERY MATCH! This was a hard lesson to learn especially in Search and Destroy. It's easy to get set into a habit and always follow it, soon enough the campers will win, and I always run alone...

TIP 9:
When unlocking G36C/P90 (and the sniper rifles if they're your thing), it is wise to switch over to get the Marksman challenge completed quickly, the higher your level in that prestige, the more match bonus points you will attain.

TIP 10:
On the final prestige push yourself to go for headshots only, you'll be craving the gold guns after you've completed prestige.


Exclusively play Ground War/Deathmatch/Team Tactical, skip the kill cams they only waste time, we're on a mission to complete the Marksman challenges in these early levels. I despise Sabotage/Headquarters, but they are also feasible. Given that, keep your guns in rotation! When you finally get to the prestige you want, the goal is the golden guns, so you'll want to familiarize yourself with them all.

The goal here is Match Bonus, which is decided mostly by time spent in the match, and I believe has something to do with your performance(I may be off on that comment), regardless of the game mode if you don't kill someone/get an assist you're getting little if any points. DO NOT QUIT MATCHES! Search and Destroy will yield the most points, Sabotage matches can also get drawn out for a long period of time. S&D is also suggested, if you've played a few matches on one map, you keep your match bonus you gained in the previous matches within that game.

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Re: how to lvl up fast

Post  RTE CRASH v3 on Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:53 am

your guide is good until u say 35-55 is about match bonus. if ur using ur match bonus to level up in the upper levels then something is wrong.

also the only way Sabatoge is worth trying to level up in is if ur trapping them in thier spawn and not arming the bomb. otherwise the matches are too short, too much time in lobby and waiting to re spawn each death. and killing them is basically TDM. so sabatoge is actually slower because the only effective way of playing for points is to control the map like u would in TDM but when u die u have a long ass respawn.

get a good team for HQ and go clutch in SnD thats the easiest 2 ways. other then that its what ur comfortable with i find.

avoid hardcore gametypes as the quality of competition there is alot higher so ur less likely to do as well. also stay away from cage matches because boosting is for fags and spending a whole match to get 10 kills max is bullshit.

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