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Post  WWW.REDTIGERELITES.NET on Thu Apr 30, 2009 4:18 pm

A smoke grenade is a special grenade that creates a smoke screen for a short period of time when thrown. You cant triple it with the 3x special grenade perk, and the throw time is the slowest of all nades.however, It does carry great potential if you are good with it. I have laid out the 4 techniques that i think will help players out the most. Always remember, smoke doesnt stop bullets!

Smoke Grenade Tactics:
1. Blocking
2. Positioning
3. Diversion
4. "Smothering"

Tactic 1: Blocking- This is perhaps the most common use of smoke grenades. People throw these often in the middle of streets to create cover to run right past. This can work well, but with a few tweaks, it can work even better. I think its rather obvious, smoke attracts bullets. Many people (especially LMG users) spam bullets and nades into the smoke, hoping to get blind kills. It makes sense, since the purpose of the smokescreen is for you to run through. If you follow a few simple rules, you can increase your survival rate when using smoke as cover. The diagram below should help you understand what Im talking about.

Naturally, you will be attempting to get from point A to point B, or vice versa. The blue lines represent enemy fire, since you will be vulnerable at the corners more than anywhere else. The enemies will seek to shoot you as you are running into the smoke, and as you are running out of the smoke since you will be the most visible at those points. They do spam the middle of the smoke, however i have found that you die less there than at the edges where they (especially snipers) can visibly see you. Never run through the smoke, you will be just as blind as the ones shooting at you. Hug the smoke close, but dont enter it, take the path that is marked by the orange two-way arrow.

Your gut instinct will tell you to sprint like hell next to the smoke out to the other side. This is only partially correct. My best advice is to crouch for about two seconds and walk, directly in the middle of the smoke. This might seem crazy, but it gives you time to get your sprint back, so you will exit the cloud of smoke running, not walking due to fatigue. As you reach the end of the cloud, jump so you exit at a higher point then hit the ground running. Get behind cover as fast as you can, and your journey is complete. Hopefully you are alive at this point. If you keep those two things in mind, your success rate with smoke grenades should rise.

-If you have the extreme conditioning perk, do not stop in the middle at all, you should be able to make it to your destination in one long sprint.


Tactic 2: Positioning

I think this is the least known tactic with smoke nades, but perhaps the most useful. The purpose of this throw is to place you in a position so that when the smoke clears, you are in great position to get up from prone and take out the enemies that are positioned in front of the smoke. The diagram that i have made is supposed to be the helicopter area in the map "crash". Its a good example of a place to use the positioning tactic. (sorry for my shatty drawing skills)

-This tactic works the best with uav jammer.

You dont want the enemy to know that you are hiding where the smoke used to be, if they pick you up on uav, you are in trouble. You want the smoke grenade to land somewhere near the pink dot, in front of the obstacle that you are going to be hiding behind. In this case, that would be the helicopter in the middle of the drawing. Throw the grenade, and take the route marked by the orange line to the position marked by the blue dot. Fall to prone and wait. Pretty soon the smoke will be clear, and you will be invisible to the enemy. If you have a uav, use it now to get an idea of where the enemies are that you will be shooting at. Move up to the crouch position, and use the lean button to lean out and take your shots. You cant stay here forever, eventually the enemies will know you are here, so use good judgement and sprint away when needed. This is a great tactic that can be used almost anywhere there is an object that you can use as cover. If you can master this, you can gain many many kills from it.

Tactic 3: Diversion

This can be pretty useful, but the smoke wont provide you with any cover. We already know that smoke grenades will attract alot of gunfire, and we are going to be using this to our advantage. The idea of this tactic is to create a diversion, in order for you to go a completely different way safely. The diagram below will help you understand what I mean.

The blue lines represent enemy gunfire, and the orange line is your route to safety. Throw the grenade FAR, to attract attention and gunfire to the smoke (which you wont be in). Sprint to cover in a different direction, while still watching for enemies. This one can be kind of tricky, if the enemy doesnt pay attention to the smoke, they will see you sprinting out into broad daylight, so be careful where you sprint out of.

Tactic 4- "Smothering"

I like to call this smothering, and it can be a very useful tactic. If there is a nest of enemy troops, you can throw a smoke into (or in front of) where they are hiding. This obstructs their view, and gives you time to get into a better position. Try to be as accurate as possible with your throw, and you can even follow it up with a regular grenade or RPG. Since they cant see you, you can get into a better position to place a nade or RPG in there. here is another diagram, even though there isnt much else to explain, its pretty straight-forward.

The symbols etc are the same, and there isnt much of an in depth tactic with this one. It can give you a chance to escape, spam the smoke, reposition, etc. This has the most room for you to be creative, just try to stay alive!


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Post  Blank on Thu May 14, 2009 1:03 pm

there also good for fucking up turtle beachs. all you hear is pshhhhhhhhh from all angles lol.


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