Is Modern Warfare 2 fun? Seriously...

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Is Modern Warfare 2 fun? Seriously... Empty Is Modern Warfare 2 fun? Seriously...

Post  h1dd3nn sn1p3r on Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:50 pm

I mean, it was fun at first. And it is almost as addictive as CoD4, but when I begin to think about it, I'm really not having any fun. This game is so flawed, it is almost unplayable at times. I find myself quitting after 3 or 4 matches, as compared to CoD4, where I could play all day and still have a blast. So what do yall think? I don't want any OMGZIRZAFANBOI replies. I want actual thoughts of this game, and to know if your are actually enjoying it. Think before you post...
h1dd3nn sn1p3r
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