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Post  kaveman on Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:30 pm

1] Your age17
2] Your XBL gamertag K L Kaveman
3] Your prestige/rank 3rd 43
4] Your K/D .74
5] Your kill streak 25
6] What game modes you prefer (i.e… SnD, DOM, TDM, HCTDM)?snd
7] What days/times are you usually available to play? Be sure to include timezone! everyday
8] Are you interested in joining the RTE gamebattle team? yes
9] Could you follow orders from a player less skilled than you? yes
10] Why do you want to join the Red Tiger Elites? because my friend steven i follow him.
11] How did you find out about us? from steven
12] Do you currently or have you ever played for another clan or competed on gamebattles team? Yes or no? If yes, please elaborate. Be aware that we do not accept apps from people currently in another XBL clan or on another XBL gamebattles team. no and never


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