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Here we go:

1) Movement and Location
2) Levelling
3) Picking the right maps for the right weapon
4) General Hints and Tips

Movement and Location

If you are, like me, new to CoD and one of the older Gamergenerations, then you will probably get owned the first times you play Multiplayer.

Big part of it is radar and moving.
The Radar is the most important tool for you. In an intense match it will be difficult to pinpoint footsteps or single out the origins of one gun amongst 20.

But the radar is pretty much accurate. Though it does not show all enemy players. Many people carry UAV jammer as a perk, which makes them invisible on the radar.

It is still your most important tool, so learn to always keep part of an eye on it
Don't forget to add another dimension to the radar in houses etc.

If you see an opposing player is close by, think about your location and the area the enemy is in.

If you are inside a structure and they are outside and moving, let them come in or pass by.
If you are outside and see an enemy in a house on the radar, use your special grenades. Flash, then run in and shoot.
Use windows to get a quick overview of the room before storming in.
Whoever has first sight usually wins, especially on Hardcore servers.

If you dont have a radar, chances are someone will sit in a corner. Always turn right to those. At first i thought that CoD is a dutch game, there were campers everywhere, i was expecting to see campfires any minute.

Use Crouch and Prone. I cannot stress how important that is, always try and take maximum cover while maintaning a good view. Do not go prone in areas that will restrict your movement to any side.
Do not just stand around, avoid open spaces like the plague unless you are quiet sure it is safe.

Remember that you cannot go prone when standing with a back to the wall.

If you do not have a silencer and UAV Jammer, stay on the run. Do not wait to long in a seemingly good spot. Grenades are cheap and people will use them. A lot. As should you



Best way to level is to go for 150 kills with every submachine gun and assault rifle you have available.
25 kills = 100 xp
75 kills = 500 xp
150 kills = 1000 xp

You also get practice with all weapons which is never wrong.
You can take those to any map and do well.
As gamestyle pick Headquarters and Team Deathmatch. The first for xp and the second to get the kills faster and have a change in game style once in a while.
You should try all of them at some point though, just be aware that things like Search and Destroy can get quiet nasty if you are new to the game.
Especially on Hardcore.
Bring a good book along for those spectating times. It may be the best gamemode though to learn the ropes, watch experienced players and learn from them if you have the patience.

Shotguns and Snipers are a different topic though, to see which weapon is best suited for which map we will go to the next section.


Picking the right maps for the right weapon

Some maps will be harder to play with certain weapons, snipers in close quarter maps etc.
So i will try and give a quick overview where the achievements were easiest for me. Of course it changes with game mode. Holds true for TeamDeathmatch and Search and Destroy though imho.

Easiest maps to use those are:

Huge line of sights. Just stay away from the buildings.

I personally avoid this map at all costs. But the few times i did play it, it was
to get sniper achievements. Lots of open space. Stay on the outskirts,
prone and pray you find a target before someone else finds you.

Pretty huge map with lots of vegetation to hide in. Lots of Sniper spots and
a lot of open areas. Try to find a good spot overlooking the river bank.

There is a long road with buildings to each side, looking up and down the
road are the most common sniper spots. At first i would avoid those though
and stay off to one side, trying to snipe people passing through the buildings
on eƮther side of the road.

Your personal experience may vary. I am not very good with snipers but found those the best maps.


Great close quarter map, i love it. Shotgun is nice here. If you leave the
building try to do it in a spot with no opposing players close. Then approach
them using cover to get as close as you can and have the first shot.
That holds true for any map with any close up weapon but more so with
shotgun due to low range.

-Wet Work
If you can survive the tube / nade spam then you might be good here.
It is pretty much as close quarter as it gets, i just never got the hang of
this map.

My fav map. Shotgun is great here. Lots of indoor close quarter fights.
Don't camp in the bathroom as it gets nadespammed. Check the indoor stairs
to the roof and the upper floor rooms.

Another fav with lots of indoor and confined spaces. The videoshop and
adjacent rooms are great. Twho houses are connected via a small roof that
you can cross by jumping out a window.

The shotgun maps also work great for all Assault rifles and Submachine guns.
Some other great maps for the later are Crash, Strike and Ambush.

Crash actually works great for snipers too.
Maps are always personal preference though, find the ones you like and play those using the filters for gamesearch.


General Hints and Tips

-When you snipe in a building, secure the entries with C4 or better Claymores.

-Don't ever stay on top of a corpse after shooting the player. Unless you know for sure he does not use Martyr.
If you see a grenade sprint out the room. Stop sprinting as soon as you are around the corner as you cannot shoot while sprinting.

-Don't throw grenades right away to avoid giving the opportunity of handing them back to you.
It happened to me and i could only imagine my character making an ACME Coyote "Oh crap" kind of face, realising he just got outsmarted again.

-Prone when planting or defusing bombs.

Sorry but i had to write that in caps. It is to important and i would hate it to be overlooked.
Knife is always a kill if you get him. A lot of times you will run into someone in a room or a passageway. You start shooting and he already has his knife in your bellybutton. He wins. Make it an easily accessible button.

-The Grenade Launcher and Martyr are two skills that will always give you easy extra kills and thus xp.
I personally don't like them as i think they are pretty cheap skills but that is again a personal preference, it is ingame so go ahead if you like. If people call you cheap for killing them with martyr, just call them slow for not getting out of the way on time

-The RPG is a great weapon.(Perk 1) Not only versus Helicopters. Shoot down passageways, into small rooms, even down on the floor if you see two or more on a spot.

-Use Team Deathmatch or Free for all to level weapons and use the one you are comfy with in the other gamemodes. My personal preference is M4 with Silencer, UAV Jammer, 3xFlash and Extreme Conditioning. Mp5 until you get
Try to find your own personal doombringer.

-Do not play Free for all Slaughterhouse unless you are VERY quick and dont mind getting repeatedly spawnkilled. If you are quick it can be a good place to get achievements though.

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