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How To:

Pistoleering is peretty self-explanitory. You run around with any of the game's 4 (5,if you count the gold Deagle) pistols, killing things as effectively as you would, if not more so, with a regular weapon. Hopefully.

So, to begin, your gonna want to pick a pistol.

Beretta M9

This pistol is probably my favorite of all to use in this style of play, and is, in my view, the most effective.
The 15 round magazine is the biggest for a pistol there is, and although it may be weak compared to the Desert Eagle, it's silencable, and the extra rounds could save your life.

Heckler & Koch USP

This is also a great gun to use. It's a decent mix of firepower and clip size, with 3 less bullets per clip than the M9, but slightly more power to compensate. It too can be silenced, giving it the ability to be used with a stealth-pistoleer setup.

Colt M1911

The M1911 is a bit of a strange pistol. While it seems a great weapon for normal use, when pistoleering its weaknesses shine through more than they would normally. Yes, it's silencable, and moderately powerful, but it has a much smaller clip size of 8, 4 less than the USP, and 7 less than the M9. 7 less rounds could mean a kill lost , or as many as 2 or 3 kills in a hardcore game.
It's a decent pistol, but isn't the best thing to take with you by far.

Desert Eagle / Gold Desert Eagle

This gun has the higest power of any pistol, with the ability to kill in as litte as 2 shots, or in only 1 in hardcore mode. However, it cannot be silenced, and has a clip size of seven, less than half of the M9's capacity. This is probably the gun to pick when you're first experimenting with the Pistoleering play style, but should be swapped out for one of the others fairly early on.


Why the hell is the MP5 listed in a pistoleering guide? because it's insanely useful when used with the M9. Why? because the two share the same ammunition, negating the need for bandolier when using the M9, and allowing you to use more useful perks. I recommed that you make it your un-modded, un-camo'd primary weapon for all your pistoleering classes. you never know when you'll come across that M9 some fool dropped on the floor.

Perk Analysis

The perks are, obviously, a major part of any CoD4 class. Here i will outling what's good and bad about the selected useful ones.

Tier 1

Special Grenades x3:
This perk is most useful when using a stealth setup. Using flash or stuns then moving in with a silenced pistol is extremely effective.

Frag x3:
usefull for obvious reasons. This is always my default perk unless something else is required.
More grenades = more kills.

Again, obviously useful. This is a solid perk to take with and pistol setup, although it is not needed if you take the M9/MP5 combo mentioned above.

Tier 2

Stopping Power:
A great all round perk for pistoleering, helps to negate the pistol's primary weakness. If in doubt, choose this and you can't go wrong.

Sleight of hand:
Used more commonly when a player is trying to rush enemies or take them by surprise. Combined with any pistol's naturally slow reload time, reloads become almost non-existant when used with this perk.

UAV Jammer:
Required for the stealth setup. This + a Silenced Pistol is a formidible combination, allowing you to sneak around, flank, and get behind enemy lines for those humiliating knife and pistol kills.

Used more commonly by those just begining to learn how to pistoleer, this can give you those precious few seconds to pull of a kill when you would usually be on the floor.

Tier 3

Extreme Conditioning:
Great when used with a silenced setup/UAV Jammer. Allows you to get in and behind the enemy that little bit quicker, giving you the edge.

Steady Aim:
Your default Pistoleering perk from now on. Helps more of your rounds to hit the target, which means more kills, more quickly. An invaluable perk in any situation.

A word on Martyrdom:

Disgrace me by using this perk with my pistoleering build ideas and I will personally shove a grenade into your mouth while saying 'Martyr this' in true matrix style.
On a serious note though, don't use it. The other perks mentioned above will help you so much more that Marty ever could, and to be honest, even is a person can play awesomly and get to the top of a server using only a Pistoleer class, once everybody sees they use Marty, theire respect level goes right down.

Example Classes

This is, I guess, the main part of the guide. Here i'll give you some ideas class-wise, and do my best to instruct you on how to use them as effectively as possible.

Class 1: M9 Assault

Primary: MP5 (to be used only to give you extra M9 ammo)
Secondary: M9
Special Grenade: Stun or Flash
Perk 1: Frag x3
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Steady Aim

With this class, the main aim is to charge the frontlines, using your grenades to help you clear out rooms, as well as your Flash/Stun nade if you want to use your pistol more. This class is the simplest by far. Attack whatever position your targets are in, throw grenades, use your Flash/Stun to help you clear rooms and engage enemies with your pistol.

As far as pistol combat is concerned with this class, fire from the hip as rapidly as you can while in close quaters. Steady Aim will help to keep the spread of your bullets to a minimum, while Stopping power will help you to down those you do hit with extra speed. Aim down the sights only when at modorate distances, or when facing a stationary target/one who hasn't seen you. If you ADS in close-quaters, it is likely that your target will quickly move out of your sight, killing you before you can centre your iron sights on him.

Class 2: Spec Ops Pistoleer

Primary: Any weapon un-modded and un-camo'd, preferably an MP5.
Secondary: USP .45 (Silenced)
Special: Stun/Flash (Stun preferably, as you can see if you have effected somone. Flash is fine if that's you preference, however).
Perk 1: Special Grenades x3
Perk 2: Sleight of Hand
Perk 3: Extreme conditioning

This class's goal is a kind of midway between the Pistoleer Assualt class and a Stealth Pistoleer.
While not directly attacking the front lines, your goal with this class is to use your speed to quickly enter enemy positions and use your special grenades to help you get rid of any enemies in the area. In firefights with multiple enemies, Sleight of Hand is there to allow you to fire almost without pause, helping you to match the enemies full-auto weapons in terms of speed.
Other pistols can be used for this class, but the USP is recommended because of its balance of power and magazine size that will help you the most.

Class 3: Stealth Pistoleer

Primary: Any weapon un-modded and un-camo'd, preferably an MP5.
Secondary: Any Silencable Pistol, I recommend the M9.
Special: Stun/Flash
Perk 1: Special Grenades x3 OR Bandolier when the M9/MP5 combo is not used.
Perk 2:UAV Jammer
Perk 3:Extreme Conditioning

This class works just like any other stealth class you may have played previously. You are virtually invisible unless directly seen, so sneak behind the enemy and kill them without them even being aware you were nearby. Your stun grenades can be used to help you take out groups of enemies, or to allow you to escape of you are outnumbered and spotted.

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very nice, i used to use only pistols back int the day. M1911 all day. but the MP5, M9 AND Uzi share ammo

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