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With that being said, shoot the zombies with pistols in the main room until you have enough money for the Carbine, which is good until like 6 or 7. In the beginning stages let the zombies break down the windows before you kill them so you have plenty of points for the random chest by rebuilding. Around 6-7, open the back room. As soon as you reach enough money to open the chest and still have some money left to buy an emergency reload, open it. This strategy revolves around everyone getting a Ray Gun. (One shot kills all the time)

At level 6-7 when you open the back room, have 3 people defend the 5 openings in the main room, and 1 person defend the back while he is trying to get a ray gun. Rotate an extra guy back for Ray Gun attempts as time allows. Communication is key. Once someone gets the ray gun, everyone falls back to the Help room. The guy with the ray gun uses the door to the main hall as a choke point, the other 3 can each respectively guard one entry point. This way, everyone gets a spot, and there are no open places where they can come from. Each player must stay loyal to his spot. Communication and discipline is a must. Never, open the upstairs, once more.

Ray Gun:

The Ray Gun person can be standing, crouching or prone, it doesn't really matter. Your job is just to prevent any zombies from entering the back room, which is fairly easy with one shot kills. Be sure to let the zombies get just infront of the doorway before you shoot them though, so if they drop anything such as Bombs, Insta-Kill, or Max Ammo, you don't have to walk out so much to retrieve it. The person with the Ray Gun should be able to stay there the almost entire game, since it has a bunch of ammo with it, and some Max Ammos should be able to appear here and there enough so it won't run out.

Over levels 17 - Out of Ammo and reload situations:

When the main hall defender needs to reload (and in the higher rounds he WILL need to) whoever has the most shots left with the ray gun needs to be on the broken wall. Then with about 6-7 shots left he yells out RELOAD and the broken wall defender can spin around and instantly be shooting out the door while reloads. GOOD is called and we resume our positions.

When the Main Hall defender gets down to around 25 shots left in the ray gun whomever has the most takes over the duties and everyone rotates. by now everyone or at least 3 people should have ray guns if not everyone. Simply rotate players around until a Max ammo becomes available.

Main Hall defender revival:

When they break through the main hall around 18-19 the defense is as follows. The broken wall player spins and defends the doorway while the side window rushes to revive. The back window player falls back to the middle part of the room so he can easily see all three openings and defend accordingly the broken down entry points. Once the revival is complete the main hall defender switches to the side window, the broken door defender continues the main hall since he is already shooting and the other two take their places. Ensuring that the player with the next highest amount of Ray gun bullets is on the broken wall for the next reload / revival.

Rinse and Repeat boys. This was our first attempt at this set up. We finished our match I had over 95,000 points, 759 kills and an adrenaline rush that was better than my first lay. We got sloppy towards the end. I think if we would have kept out composure we could have made it further for sure. Ive seen how you pick apart guides so let the flaming begin and Im sure this is only one strategy. But until level 23 it worked damn well

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