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Vehicle Perks

Water Cooler

This perk decreases turret overheat. With the water cooler perk enabled it means you can use the turret at the top of the tank for a longer period of time before it needs to cool down.
The perk decreases the overheating proccess by 30%, so instead of 5 seconds firing time you get 6.5 seconds doesnt sound that much but can come in useful when u only need that 1 more bullet.

Useful on all modes

It is unlocked at level 4

Greased Bearings

This perk increases turret rotation. With the greased bearings perk enabled the time it takes to move the turret to a different direction is increased by 25%. So for example if it takes 4 seconds to do a 180 degress turn with the turret normally, with the perk it would only take 3 seconds. Very useful on the people that run around you trying to shoot you.

Useful on all modes

It is unlocked at level 4

Ordinance Training

This perk decreases the loading time of the tanks main gun. With the ordinance training perk the loading time is decreased by 30%, so instead of the normal 6 seconds it takes to reload the turret with the ordinance training perk it will only take 4 seconds,well 4.2 but the 0.2 is not noticable. This perk is very helpful on tank vs tank battles.

Useful on modes like headquaters and war

It is unlocked at level 12

Lead Foot

This perk increase the overall speed of the tank. Lead foot increase the overall speed by 35% so a if it takes 10 seconds to get to a spot normally it will only take 6.5seconds which is alot faster. Very usful when chasing other tanks, or even running away from them.

Useful on modes like headquaters and war

It is unlocked at level 28

Coaxial Machine Gun

This gives you a driver mounted machine gun. The coaxial machine gun perk allows the driver to fire a forward mounted machine gun. This is not the same gun as the machine gun on top of the tank, which means if the driver had this perk you can have the turret, the driver mounted machine gun plus the machine gun on top. This a very useful perk whenu get the team members hide around you so you cant get them with the turret.

Useful on all modes

It is unlocked at level 40

Thats all of the vechicle perks, sorry the perk pictures arnt as clear as the other perk pictures i own. Now for information on the tanks.



As you might already no the game contains tanks, they are the only vechicles in the game (despite rumours of others before release). The tanks come in 2 different forms the russian tank (T-34 Tank) and the german tank (Panzer). The tanks are exactly the same as each other execpt they look different.


Although tanks are on the game they are only on 4 of the 13 maps avaliable. These maps are:-





To find out where about they are press the up button on the directional pad to see the map you are playing on, tanks will come up as a picture of a white tank. Occupied tanks will be green for allies and red for enemies.


There are 3 main weapons a tank contains: -

The main turret which fires the tanks shells
The mounted machine gun on top of the tank
The driver machine gun

All of these do a lot of damage.

Main turret

The turret is the main weapon of the tank, it fires shells that do 200 damage with 300 damage when its a direct hit. To fire the turret press the fire button (R1 for ps3 or RT for xbox 360) It takes 6 seconds to reload which can be shaved down to 4 seconds with the use of the ordinance training perk. The range of the explosion, that the shell does, is 5.7 meters, the kill distance from this explosion however is only about 2.3 meters.

Mounted Machine Gun

The mounted machine gun is the secondary weapon of the tank, it fires bullets that does 50 damage EACH. It takes 0.096 seconds for the gun to start firing after pressing the fire button (R1 for ps3 or RT for xbox 360) which is pretty fast. The bullets from machine gun is the only gun in the game where range doesnt effect the damage is does on an enemy. You may think that you are a bit vunrable sitting up there, well your right however if you press the crouch button (O for ps3 or B for xbox 360) you can hide behind the saftey gun itself, though dont be fooled its not 100% safe, snipers can still pick you off.

Driver Machine Gun
The driver machine gun is a gun that can only be activated by having the coaxial machine gun perk enabled. The gun does the same damage as the mounted machine gun. The machine gun can only be fired directly forward, which is the way the tank is facing (the tank not the turret). To fire the drive machine gun press the R2 button for ps3 or RB for xbox 360.

The Tank Itself
The tank itself can be used as a weapon aswell, meaning you can run people over and kill them. Though beware you can run your team mates over aswell by accident, though it comes up as the other dude killing themselves.

Tanks health and How to damage them

Tanks have the largest health out of all the things in call of duty:world at war, their stock health is 1350, however when trying to destroy a tank your explosives have a unique damage multiplier: -

As you can see molotov cocktails do no damage what so ever, even though the damage indicator comes up its just there to fool you.

Another thing thats not in the picture is bullets, thats because bullets do NO damage what so ever.

You can shoot at it all you like but it takes about 6,000 to destroy it but seeing as you will carry about 1000 at the most its not worth losing your entier stock of bullets just to make a scratch.

So as you can see each explosive does different amount of damage than each other, satchel charges and sticky grenades are the most effective. However the fun doesnt stop there, as you have seen the explosives has multipleirs but so does the tank its self, thought its different depending on where you strike

As you can see the back of the tank is the best place to strike so lets put this to an explosive so you can see how much is needed to destroy a tank.

Ill use a rifle grenade as an example: -

A rifle grenade does 150 damage normaly, but because its being used against a tank that is upped to 180 because..

150 x 1.2 is 180

Now lets say you attack the side of the tank which has a multiplier of 1.2. So 180 x 1.2 is 216 so that means it would take 7 rifle grenades to kill it.

Also there is a special point of the tank when there is a larger multiplier and only one explosive can reach it. The multiplier is on the underneath of the tank : -

The only explosive that can reach that point it the satchel charge, others might go under the tank but it is only the satchel charge that will activate the "special" multiplier. It will only take 1 satchel charges to destroy the tank that has full health as long as that are set off under the tank. The reason it only takes 1 is because: -

200 x 1.5 is 300 this is the weapon damage
300 x 6.75 which is the special multiplier is 2025
= destruction of the tank

So if you have satchel charges and there is an enemy tank near by, do your team a favour and destroy it for them.

Tanks have 4 different stages of health:-

Normal health, tank picture is white, tank looks normal
Half health, tank picture is orange, some smoke is seen
Close to death, tank picture is red, black smoke and flames are seen
Tank is destroyed

The picture i am talking about is the one in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Final Thought

Tanks are very powerful in offence and defence, however they are not unstopable if you see a tank dont be afaid to step in and use it, and dont be afraid to try and destroy one. Work as a team to kill one and use them as sheilds against enemy fire however beware of being run over

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