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Sniping guide for W@W Empty Sniping guide for W@W

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Info: Sniping is indeed something every team needs in a match of COD. When used correctly AND efficiently, you WILL win every match. Its not about sitting in the same spot all game just picking people off. You need to strategize.

I. Figure out whats up.
If your playing with friends, you ONLY really need ONE sniper in a game. When everyone ends up sniping, you will lose. Call out who is going to snipe, and have only that person snipe. Make sure your team has a gameplan. If the game is lets say Search And Destroy. You have the sniper, you want to get to a point in the map where you can oversee the current "destroy point" or whatever its called. Your job, is if you take it over, back up your team mates. You want to pick off enemies before they get your teammates. Find a spot overseeing the area, but make sure you are not visible.

II. Move.
Move around. Do not stay in the same spot for longer then a minute. It IS a game, and they dont usually last long, tides turn fast. Next control point, move on. Dont forget, when you kill someone, it shows where you are on the killcam. LEAVE THAT SPOT INSTANTLY AFTER EACH KILL. Plant a claymore in your spot, because they will go back there for revenge.

III. If you dont have the shot, dont take it.
Dont go shooting 50 shots off at once. You WILL give away your position if your constantly shooting at targets you know you cant get. Only shoot if you know you can get this person. If you miss, and they dont notice, try again. But then you must move positions.

If the enemy is right above you or near you, but your crouched behind a couch, dont try to kill them. If they dont see you, thats good. Let them pass, or give it a couple seconds and see how many enemies it is. Is it 1 guy? Knife him. Is it 4 guys? let them pass, then get the **** out of that spot the way they entered.

V. Dont stay zoomed in ALL the time.
When your zoomed in, your limited to the small circle its zoomed in on. Use your eyes and looked closely at the map for moving figures. THEN zoom in.

E. Be sneaky.
This is what I like about WAW, so many spots to be in. The point of sniper is to be hidden, not rambo. When you pick a spot, you better make sure nobody would think of looking there, or you are hidden. That window on the 3rd floor, is not the best place to snipe. The enemy should never see you. Sneak around the map. I have stayed alive for whole rounds before, because I constantly move around the map and never get detected. Throw the enemy of track if your being chased. Use smoke grenades, pop them in one direction and go the other. Try claymores too.

F. Pistol on deck. Scanning the area on the run.
You have a pistol. When moving from location to location a good idea is to keep the pistol out incase something pops up. Once you get better , you can switch. While running to your next spot, you can bring up your scope for a quick second to scan the area very quickly. Its a good technique.

E. Quick scope.
This goes well with the above. Learn to quick scope. That is running to a new location with your sniper out, and OP theres someone 15 feet infront of you, you DO have a chance. You have to zoom in hold breath and CLICK in .9 seconds. It IS possible, and it makes you feel damn cool.

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