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useing a stealth class Empty useing a stealth class

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**Stealth Classes are incredibly dominant, but are often mis-used, or used in the wrong ways. This mini post is a guide on how to best take advantage of a stealth class.

+Stealth classes are best used on maps that have a lot of cover, or are dark. The Ultimate stealth level is hands down; Bog. Bog has a wide variety of cover, and is dimly lit. There are wide fields of brush, rubble, and water. When playing stealth, try to avoid playing maps like KillHouse, Crash, Creek, Strike, Countdown, Ambush, Showdown, and Shipment. Try to play maps like Bog, Downpour, Vacant, Overgrown, WetWork, and Broadcast.
(These map suggestions are for beginner and moderate stealth class users, advanced stealth class users can play successfully on any map.)

+When playing as a stealth class, you MUST have ALL of your weapons silenced! This means NO desert eagles!!! The best stealth weapons include the MP5, Mini Uzi, M16, M4, G3, AK-47, AK-74u, and G36C. All weapons will take some getting used to, but specializing in at least two weapons is a good idea, to give you a fall back weapon if you aren't doing so well with the one you're currently using.

+Play style is CRITICALLY important. If you're playing as stealth, you have to be patient. The whole concept of stealth is to kill the enemy without them knowing, giving you many kills, few deaths, and a fantastic ratio. The key to playing stealth, is to use all the cover you can, take advantage of smoke, and taller grasses. Prone and Sprint are a Stealther's most powerful attributes. Staying silent, waiting for your enemies in a local but still hidden area, and then sprint out for a knife or head shot, then back to prone, and back to the shadows. Having skill with smoke grenades is also very beneficial to a stealth class user. The Tactical button layout, as well as a custom look sensitivity of 3 is a very smooth playing system for a stealth class, it takes some getting used to, but in the end it will benefit you greatly.

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