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This is more of a general guide with a little bit of class help to improve your performance with the R700, results WILL vary.
The Remington Model 700 bolt-action sniper rifle is a single shot weapon with a 4 round clip, starting with 16 rounds of ammunition total without Bandolier. The R700 is unlocked at the rank of Major Level 34 and is the second to the last of the sniper rifles unlocked. The R700 is a very accurate sniper rifle with occasional misses due to user error or bad hit detection.

The R700 does a base damage of 70 (same as all other sniper rifles) and 98 damage with Stopping Power. Against Juggernaut without Stopping Power it deals 52.5 damage. The Multipliers are as follows: x1.5 to the Head/Neck/Upper Torso for a total of 105 (no Stopping Power) and x1.1 to the Lower Torso for a total of 77 (no Stopping Power).

Normal Scope Sniping
If you are a “traditional” sniper, then you will steer away from the ACOG scope and use the original scope. Using the original scope on the R700 means that you either need to camp, or have a quick enough reaction time to be mobile.
My perk setup for normal scope is as follows:

Special Grenade – Your choice although I use a flash bang.

Perk 1: Bandolier – Because of the minimal 16 total bullets you start with, if you blindly go into combat with the R700 you will run out of ammo quickly.

Perk 2: Stopping Power – Because of the recoil, you might not be sure if you’ll be able to get that headshot on a moving target, Stopping Power gives you the option of a center mass hit to drop the enemy.

Perk 3: Dead Silence – People are thinking why Dead Silence? Dead Silence is an invaluable tool because it allows you to get to your sniping position with minimal noise. Example- You’re playing on Backlot and are trying to get into that room with the mounted MG. Problem, somebody is inside that room; Assuming they don’t have claymores set up you will be able to jump through the window around the side of the building, NOT BE HEARD, run up the steps and neutralize the target.

Sidearm: USP .45 or Desert Eagle – The USP .45 has amazing accuracy and a nice clip size so it will be able to get you out of some sticky situations. If using the Desert Eagle you have the backup power that you may need if someone using an LMG walks into the room. You also might have to finish off that target that didn’t go down if you want to conserve rifle ammo.

ACOG Sniping
Aaaaah the ACOG. Whined over, cursed into oblivion, cried over, … A lot of people can’t stand it and won’t use it on a boltaction rifle. Too bad because the ACOG is a monster for close combat and rushing snipers. It has a very fast pull-up time but sacrifices accuracy especially over larger distances. The gun has the same accuracy (it’s the same gun afterall), but due to the wobble you will mis the target many times if you stand still. You can easily counter this by moving when scoped in. So strafe or go to crouch or prone when you take the shot. Using the ACOG is the same as using the standard scope without holding your breath. You don’t see the wobble with the standard scope, but it has the same effect. Most of the time you’ll mis the target if you don’t make up for the movement of the barrel. So strafe, jump, go to crouch when using the ACOG for maximum efficiency. What I mean is, don’t wait for a perfect shot with the ACOG, when you see the triangle move over the target, shoot!!!
Now the triangle. Don’t aim with the top of the triangle, your hitzone is the inside of the triangle. So for a headshot it looks like you’re putting a trianglehat on the enemies head. (Simplest way I can explain.) Mostly used on smaller maps like crash, showdown, vacant, … where you don’t need the pinpoint accuracy but the faster speeds.

1) Learn your recoil! – As most people know the recoil on the R700 is high. With this being said, as long as you can estimate just how high the barrel will go after you shoot, you can quickly adjust if you miss. Usually if you do miss if you don’t do too much, the rifle will automatically steady itself, and pretty quick too, so if the person is in the middle of the screen you can get the second shot off.
2) Don’t Miss! – The only time I will tell you to take the shot is if you’re comfortable with losing that ammo and can cover your 6 if the poop hits the fan. The only way you can win (FFA mind you) with just the R700 is to minimize missing the target and giving your position away.
3) Hold your breath – Every time you scope in and are about to shoot hold your breath, I don’t care if someone knocked the wind out of you, hold your breath. Makes headshots a lot easier and reduces the chance of missing because of your shaky sniper.

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