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sniping tips

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Here are some sniping tips for you NEW <---------- to sniping. Mostly just use the M40 for regular and hardcore. why? because in regular it has very good accuracy and its damage with stopping power is a for sure kill. But why not use M21 in hardcore? u might ask. well first thing is yes its a semi-automatic. But if you want to become a good sniper, you are going to need to take slow, steady, skilled shots. so the recoil on the 3 shots your going to blast quickly from your M21 is not worth the ammo. Now for perks! For regular i would use Claymore's, Stopping power, and Deep Impact. Why not iron lungs? a skilled sniper wont need very much time for a skilled shot. For Hardcore you should use Claymore's, UAV jammer, and deep impact. Why deep impact? Because in hardcore if you do manage to miss a shot (will happen ) You can fire through some walls and manage to hit your target. Now for your position from where u will be sniping.For urban areas Choose a building or behind a small barrier. For others such as Overgrown. Just pick a grassy spot and stay! yes STAY! A good sniper never goes twards the battle the sniper allows the battle to come to them. Trust me eventually the battle will come to you. just be patient. For ACOG sniping. Just have fun with that. try to noscope. if u actually wanna try with the acog. use on vacant,shipment, and other not so large maps. But dont make your character run! ACOG is for close sniping and if you get caught in a close situation while you are running you will not have the time to stop, then scope in for the kill. so just walk. And for ACOG sniping If trying use the Dragunov if no-scoping to have fun use the M40 because it has more accuracy. Hope these tips helped you people that are new to sniping on COD4.!!.!!

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