A quick heads-up: Always watch the bullets

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A quick heads-up: Always watch the bullets Empty A quick heads-up: Always watch the bullets

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Knowing is half the battle. In Call of Duty 4, figuring out where your enemy is is just as important as being able to shoot him down. Location is key. So what can we do to make sure we know where the enemy is at all times? We can check for red dots, watch your teammates' dots, simply scan the battlefield... but not only that. Watch for the bullets.

Watching where your bullets go is monumental in keeping yourself alive. You may not notice it, but you rely SO much on seeing where flashes of guns and bullets whizzing by to locate where the fire, and therefore the enemy, is coming from. If they are firing without a silencer, you can even combine the radar to first pinpoint exactly where they are, then flank them because you now know their line of fire.

Put yourself in their shoes. If you fire across an entire field, someone is bound to see those bullets and know exactly where you are. Any time I fire across a hot area, I quickly picture where possible enemy lines of fire are, and fully expect my shots to be seen by someone, whether that is the case or not. So to compensate for it, I book it immediately after finishing my business. Which is usually a couple of shots, kill or no kill.

Just because you have a silencer doesn't mean you can fire away either, as although the muzzle flash is reduced, the bullets glow all the same. But that doesn't mean to always fret that your shots will be seen. Of course shooting in close quarters or in situations with few enemies will be undetectable.

By using your knowledge of the enemy's spawn location(s) (for example, the fixed spawns in S&D), popular sniper and camping spots (many building in Crash), frequently contested areas (the 3 story building in Crash), and by paying attention to where bullets are coming from, you will have a better understanding of where your enemies are and be able to adapt smarter and faster.

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