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Post  WWW.REDTIGERELITES.NET on Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:22 pm

Quick FAQ:

Q: golden guns!?!?!
A: yes they exist, not all guns can become gold. this requires completion of ALL weapon challenges in that weapon category (Marksman (kills) and Expert (headshots)....
*click on gun name for picture*. GOLD PLATING DOES NOT EFFECT A WEAPON'S STATS!!!

Gold DE at lvl 55 regardless
Golden Mini-Uzi
Golden M1014
Golden AK-47
Golden M60E
Golden Dragunov

Q: Online-/Co-OP? play with friend online?
A: No, there is not a co-op mode on or offline,
A: this isnt warhawk or halo either, you can't play with a friend online.

Q: Dogtags? Light Bulbs?
A: when you see dog tags next to someone's name, it means that they're dead or out of the round (just joined in a mode like S&D)
A: A light bulb above someone's head means they're calling in support (heli, air strike) or changing their loadout,

Q: Prestige mode? what's that?
A: After you hit lvl 55 you can choose to enter prestige mode, which resets everything but your stats, allowing you to go through the levels again up to 10 times with a different icon each time (see bottom of guide for icons), this is an added feature for replay value.

Q:mystery perks or other goodies at prestige 10?!?!
A: THEY DONT EXIST, the 2 boxes are weapon attachments and no attachments. you cant have all the attachments on a gun at prestige 10. sry if i let your hopes down.

Q:can i select fire modes....
A: NO YOU CANT!!!!!!!!!!

A: Attachments/camos are earned by completing weapon challenges, (25,75,150) [red dot, silencer, ACOG scope) Camos are earned by number of headshots. (digital at 25, blue tiger at 75, red at 150)


The Weapons:

M9: Good mag size, very common basic pistol. best for close range. used best with bandolier
Usp .45: more damage than the m9 with better range (better sights)
M1911 .45: good ammo cap, good damage bad sights IMO (lvl 16)
Desert Eagle: Good ammo, high damage(lvl 43) BEST PISTOL!!!!
Gold Desert Eagle: good ammo, high damage, very sexy , ITS GOLD PLATED!!! (lvl 55)

Sub-Machine Guns:
Mp-5: good damage, good rate of fire, great accuracy, overall an excellent SMG. only problem is that the sights seem to drift around in sustained fire.
Skorpion: high ROF, lower damage, short range....looks cool though (low damage makes it a poor SMG, good accuracy though)
Mini-Uzi: very high rate of fire, medium damage, kind of poor accuracy at longer ranges(jumpy sights)...(lvl 28)
AK-74u: high rate of fire, excellent damage, good range, good accuracy (my favorite SMG)
P90: VERY high rate of fire, good damage, good accuracy at short-somewhat medium ranges (not the best at long range) NASTY CQC weapon..(lvl 40)

Assault Rifles:
M16A4: 3 round burst, excellent accuracy, high damage, med rate of fire. (good chance of killing in 1 burst with stopping power)
AK-47: fully automatic, good accuracy, high damage, high rate of fire (high recoil makes it hard to hit at longer ranges)
M4: fully automatic, high accuracy, good damage, high rate of fire (lvl10)
G3: Semi-automatic, excellent accuracy, good damage(lvl25)
G36c: Fully automatic, excellent accuracy at med-med long ranges, high damage, medium rate of fire(lvl 37)
M14: semi automatic, excellent accuracy, high damage, high recoil...stick with g3 if you dont like recoil(46)
MP44: fully automatic, medium accuracy, medium-high damage, short-med range, IRON SIGHTS ONLY!!!!! (lvl 52)

Light Machine Guns:
M249 SAW: very high rate of fire, good accuracy, good damage, good range
RPD: high rate of fire, good accuracy, increased damage (over SAW), good range
M60E: high rate of fire, great accuracy, high damage, good range(lvl19)

W1200: Pump, short range, high damage, slow rate of fire (due to pump action)
M1014: semi automatic, short range, high damage, high rate of fire, 4 round magazine (lvl31)

Sniper Rifles: (all high accuracy)
M40A3: Bolt Action, low recoil, med-high damage, slow rate of fire
M21: Semi-Automatic, very low recoil, medium damage, high rate of fire(lvl7)
Dragunov: Semi automatic, medium recoil, high damage, high rate of fire (22)
R700: bolt action, medium recoil, high damage, low rate of fire(lvl34)
Barett .50 cal: semi automatic, high recoil, EXTREMELY HIGH DAMAGE, high rate of fire. (INSTANT OWNAGE) (lvl 49)

Weapon Attachments/Inventory:

Red Dot Sight: this sight replaces your standard iron sights with a RDS reflex sight with a small red dot (hence Red Dot Sight) that makes it easier to aim your weapon

Grenade Launcher: This allows you to fire 40mm HE grenades from your gun by pressing the left d-pad button and using R1 to fire (Replaces Perk 1)

AGOG Scope: A scope that allows weapons a longer range capability, but it causes aim drift for your weapon (crouch or prone reduces drift)

Silencer: This silences your gun and makes it so that when you shoot you dont show up on radar

Grip: Increases Accuracy on Light Machine Guns and Shotguns, (replaces perk 1)

RPGX2: Gives you an RPG launcher and 1 extra grenade

Claymore: Trip activated mine with about a 160 degree blast radius (in front of the mine) great for defending yourself if you're a sniper or setting up traps.

C-4: Remote detonated satchel charge, L1 to throw, R1 to detonate (once selected) good for defending small areas or setting up traps (double tap square with weapon equipped to detonate too)

(Special thx to bertle for some information)


Perks Section:
Level required to unlock in (parentheses)
Class 1 in blue
Class 2 in red
Class 3 in green

Perk Forenotes:
Basically the whole gun-perk system revolves around 3 things, Rate of fire, Damage, and accuracy. From lots of experience (and common sense) i have come up with the following: Rate of fire (double tap) is good for close-medium range combat (exceptions being single shot weapons, the G36c, and the MP44) but the downside is you sacrifice accuracy at longer ranges.Adding double tap to something like an SMG makes it EXTREMELY deadly at close range but it suffers at almost any range after that. Damage (stopping power) is good at any range, but with slower firing guns you'll most likely get dusted by someone with a gun with a higher rate of fire than yours...... accuracy is always good. Things like grips and optics (scopes/sights) will give you the upper hand.

Gun Related Perks:

Double Tap: for weapons with a slow rate of fire use double tap, the quicker you can get rounds of, the easier the killing will be (decreases the delay between shots on single shot weapons), but you'll sacrifice a bit of accuracy (29)

Stopping Power: You can NEVER EVER EVER go wrong with this perk. for ANY gun

Bandolier: It's always good to have spare ammo!!!... (32)

Slight of hand: Very useful on shotguns/light machine guns so you can reload faster... especially the m1014 (20)

Deep Impact: Enemies think they're safe behind walls.... they're not!!!!!!! (use with higher caliber weapons like assualt rifles andlight machine guns, don't waste on SMG's or sniper rifles... *DOES NOT EFFECT DAMAGE

Deep impact effects different guns in diffrent ways due to their varying bullet sizes, use this to help you decide whether to use it or not.
Pistols: Small bullet
SMGs:Small bullet *
Assualt rifles: Medium bullet
Light Machine Guns: Large bullet
Sniper Rifles: Large bullet
Turret: large armor piercing
*EXCEPTIONS: The AK-74u has a medium sized bullet, the G36 has a medium large bullet, and the barett is large armor piercing.

What this translates to: the bigger the bullet a gun has, the more penetration it has through varying surfaces.

Iron Lungs: very useful for sniper rifles when you need more time to acquire targets or get those headshots (26)

Steady Aim: increases hip fire accuracy so you can just Pray n spray... or gain the advantage in CQC.

Overkill: 2 primary weapons! good for you multi-task people. now you can snipe and assualt!!! best used in hardcore mode (38)

Other Perks:

Last Stand: Pull out your pistol when you die... i personally think this is a HUGE waste of a slot (Cool

UAV Jammer: The enemy can't see you when their UAV is airborne... you're- INVISIBLE!!! (11)

Bomb Squad: Lets you see C-4 and claymores before you find them the hard way...(14)

Martyrdom: (pronounced MAR-TER-DUM) drops a frag when you die. VERY annoying, once again, waste of a slot IMO (17)

Claymore: Gives you 2 trip-activated Claymore mines with about a 160 degree blast radius (in front of it) keeps those people with knives away from you snipers . (23)

Eavesdrop: enables you to hear the other team's voice chat when they are in close proximity to you (35)

FragX3: self explanatory... useful- but annoying on the other side.(41)

Dead Silence: make no noise when you walk (you can sneak up and stab people.....(44)

Sonic Boom: Increased explosive damage while using rifle mounted grenade launchers, RPG's, and frags

Extreme Conditioning: Sprint longer distances!


Good Gun/perk combinations:
Primary weapon first, followed by

Complete stealth:
MP5 or AK-74 with silencer
(1911 or USP45 with silencer)
UAV Jammer
Dead Silence
you're completely invisible to UAV's and radar, now you just have to stay hidden

One Man Army: Light machine gun with preferred optics
Stopping power
Deep impact

self explanatory

Pistol of choice
Slight of hand/stopping power
Steady aim

Ok, the really trickey part with this one is to figure out whether to have slight of hand or stopping power, if you plan on engaging multiple enemies at one time go with slight of hand, if you plan on taking on just a couple, and you're a descent shot go with stopping power (1 hit kill at close range(no juggernaut) 2-4 at mid range)

Ultimate sniper:
Desert Eagle
Stopping power
Iron Lungs
(can you say 1shot 1kill?)

Assault Class
M4 or another assault rifle with optics or GL (grenade launcher)
Desert Eagle
RPGx2 , claymorex2 , C4x2
Stopping Power
Deep Impact

This class is a combination of very powerfull guns and perks. the guns in this custom class can get through any thing in your way. using the 2 perks Deep Impact and Stopping Power alows you shoot through walls and kill fast at the same time.

Sub Machine Gun Class
Desert Eagle
Stopping Power
Anyhting you want or Steady Aim

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Post  RTE xFLawLeSs on Thu Jan 29, 2009 6:10 pm

I thought the "Q" was g in faq

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Post  RTE Nate Dawgg on Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:19 am

remember its better to get them for real than to cage match!
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Post  RTE xFLawLeSs on Fri Jan 30, 2009 8:29 pm

Ro0F_MunSTa wrote:Quick FAQ:

(can you say 1shot 1kill?)

yes affraid

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Post  RTE NAMELesS on Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:20 pm

i want that golden ak someday... study

as soon as i stop prestiging i can give it a try. i luv the ak. so im sure ill have the golden someday. geek

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