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Post  WWW.REDTIGERELITES.NET on Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:21 pm

Part 1. Stealth
Stealth is fairly easy in HQ, especially on maps like Bog, Overgrown, and Creek, simply because you can blend in easily, and if you have a guille suit, then you are practically invisible. But visibility is only one key to stealth, if someone on the enemy team gets a 3 kills streak, which is very common, the guille suit is all but useless. That is why we have UAV blocker. UAV blocker combined with a guille suit makes it close to impossible to find you, with one little flaw. When you fire your weapon, you appear on enemy radar, so it is smart to move around every couple of shots, that way people cannot keep track of you. The same goes for the kill cam, which not too many watch, but you never know. With UAV blocker, a sniper(for the guille suit) and the ability to move around, you are all but truly invisible. To wrap things up, depending on the map, it is always good to be at a higher elevation than the HQ, but if there is no grassy areas above the HQ, I would just stay lower.

Part 2. Offense
Offense, the most commonly used tactic. For this, I would recommend one of two things, Overkill, with assault rifle:


Along with a shotgun, preferably the 2nd one, it seems to fire faster and is more effective(in opinion)

For perk slot 1, probably claymores or FRAGx3, depending on your play type.

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Post  MetalSoul23 on Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:30 am

no snipers Sad

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