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hardcore LMG guide Empty hardcore LMG guide

Post  WWW.REDTIGERELITES.NET on Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:19 pm

General LMG Characteristics:

In COD4 the LMG's are in many ways superior weapons, they can be formidable and difficult weapons to counter in the right situations. However they are not without their drawbacks. All three of the LMG's usable in multiplayer share some general characteristics; I'll break them into benefits, and drawbacks:


Large clips/magazines (100 rounds each).
High rates of fire.
High damage per round.
High surface penetration per round.
Excellent sniping accuracy when firing single shots.


Reduced walking speed * (* Can be overcome, see OVERKILL bellow)
Reduced aiming speed *
Reduced sprint time *
Not suited to CQB fighting*
Extremely long reload time.
Can’t be silenced
Can have high recoil
Probable reduction in accuracy stats.


General Tips

Just some general tips to make Machine gunning a bit easier and more user friendly.

*OVERKILL: First of all, an LMG user does NOT need a UAV Jammer, or stopping power, so I’d recommend using overkill. I use this perk with every LMG class for a very good reason. If a player sets an SMG or Shotgun as their primary weapon, the character will perform as usual for this weapon even if the player switches to their LMG. That is to say, you can have the firepower of an LMG with the character performance of a Shotgun/SMG user. This is a great advantage and I use it on every class. It also negates the need to use Extreme conditioning freeing up Deep impact. Another benefit of this is that LMG's are not suited to close quarters fighting, so using a smaller weapon up close is always an advantage. OVERKILL is a machine gunners best friend.

DEEP IMPACT: The LMG's already have great bullet penetration (RPD and M60 especially), however using deep impact can vastly improve the guns performance. The M60 in particular can shoot through whole houses, and even streets in certain maps. I’ve frequently killed snipers in bog shooting through the entire Deli building. A great advantage of this is you never have to chase an enemy down. If one tries to draw you into a building simply pepper it with rounds and bingo. Dead guy. Also, your team-mates will frequently pass on enemy locations over voice chat. If you know the building, and have checked your map for friendlies just throw some rounds through the wall. Even if you don’t hit the player, you'll quickly flush them out for an easy shot.

Red Dot Sight: I would highly recommend trying to get the red dot, and specifically ACOG scopes for LMG's with the exception of the RPD which has fantastic iron sights. The M60 and SAW, however have extremely large and invasive sights, sometimes obscuring targets altogether. The red dot sight is a must have.

Grip: The grip is available for all LMG's and serves to increase the accuracy of the weapon. However I never use them, for two very good reasons. First of all the Grip means you can’t use a Red dot sight, or ACOG leaving you with the horrible standard sights (again with the exception of the RPD). The second reason is that it doesn’t increase the accuracy that much, yet uses up your perk one space. It’s simply not worth the slight (and it is slight) accuracy increase, however feel free to prove me wrong.
Verdict: Avoid it, just practice with the gun and learn teh recoil.

ACOG Scope: Now, this is my favourite perk/add-on and one I use on almost every map. The ACOG scope turns all of the LMG's into fully automatic sniper rifles. The scope gives a slight magnification, and direct 100% accurate shot with the first shot of all the LMG's. And if you miss? Unlike a sniper rifle just hold the trigger down and get on top of that recoil. Practice makes perfect here. The ACOG is a great addition to any LMG. Snipe, spray and pray, lay suppressing fire accurately, just don’t get to close. The ACOG destroys your peripheral vision so maksure you’re safe before you start looking for targets. However if you have followed my advice and used an SMG or Shotty as your primary weapon you should be able to deal with anyone who strays to close anyway.

UAV: Watch your UAV closely. If you see a dot and have a clear line of sight, even if you can’t locate the target, or have a building in the way take a chance. You'll frequently hit guys just by shooting at the dot and using your instincts. Remember the LMG's can penetrate a surprising amount of surfaces and kill in very few hits.

Fire Support: A good tactic with LMG's is to cover your team’s rear, and Flanks. I take out many a ninja/ghost trying to sneak around our backs by simply hanging back and covering my teams rear quarters. It allows your team to create an offensive front which is difficult to penetrate. It’s also good to watch your team-mates movements, identify incoming rounds aimed at them and launch some shells at the source. Again, even if you don’t kill the enemy, you'll force him to move position, and with some voice chat you can direct your team-mate to the source of the fire. LMG's are not designed as a close quarters attack weapon, they arnt designed for assaulting buildings and clearing rooms use your SMG or shotty for this role. (However with some practice.......) Let your team do that and pick off the enemies they don’t get. Hanging back providing covering fire can earn you air strikes and choppers very quickly if all goes well. The enemy are usually too distracted by your main teams constant attacks. Also, if you keep far enough back and fire in short bursts they may not identify your position at all. This is also a useful way of protecting your spawn, this stops stupid spawn swaps and the obvious spawn kills which result. Camping? Yes. Do I care? Ask my chopper pilot. And finally, a really useful fire support tactic is anti sniper. Simply watch known sniping positions for tracers and annihilate the source. Constantly getting killed whenever they shoot can force a sniper to change tactics, or even change class taking em out the game and levelling the playing field. I always use RPG’s as well. It keeps up the shock and awe tactics and again forces enemies to keep their heads down. They are also brilliant for clearing buildings without having to enter. Sometimes up to a third of my kills are RPG’s.

Enemy Choppers: In my opinion, an LMG user has a responsibility to attack enemy choppers at any given opportunity, and are expendable in doing so. All of the LMG’s are well suited to taking down choppers. The M60 is the obvious favourite, but any will do the job. Be sure to try and attack from behind, or bellow the chopper, and make sure the enemy soldiers can’t see you whilst you hit it. Also, be sure and tell your team verbally that you need help bringing it down. In my experience most people will ignore a chopper, or try to hide, but once they know it’s had half a mag of M60, their weapons become more useful. 1 clip of an LMG will take a chopper to within a couple of shots of being downed. And of course, if you can find the LMG’s big brother, a mounted HMG you can take it down in about ten hits. It’s absolutely vital that you request fire support, and let your team know how close the chopper is to going down. As I said, once they know you’re attacking it with an LMG they are usually more than happy to help. Downing a chopper can swing a game in your teams favour.

Reloading LMG's: Try to count shots roughly. Run away, camp. Ask your team-mates for cover. If someone approaches simply whip your primary weapon out until its safe to reload again. Simple as. Do not try to reload in the middle of a fire fight. It takes a good 6-8 seconds.


Individual weapon breakdown: (figures are relative to the other LMG's)

M249 SAW
Firepower: 7/10
Penetration: 6/10
Mobility: 8/10
Rate of fire: 10/10
Accuracy: 10/10

The SAW is the first LMG gained, and easiest to use. It has a highly accurate shot spread at close and long range and excellent rate of fire. Recoil is circular, that is the gun slightly rotates on firing, however it’s only by a tiny amount and is easily manageable. The damage per round is slightly down on the other LMG's as it uses 5.56mm ammo. The same as an M16 it just has lots more of em. This gun also has excellent hip fire accuracy and is sort of like a big Assault rifle. With a bit of practice it can be used as one quite easily. The gun has the worst penetration of all the LMG's again due to the ammunition used, deep impact is a must unless you want to see the red cross with no kill when shooting through walls. Definitely needs a red dot site or ACOG due to the god awful iron sights.

Verdict: Great all rounder. A good beginner LMG and even has some excellent CQB capability with some practice.


Firepower: 8.5/10
Penetration 8/10
Mobility: 7/10
Rate of fire: 8/10
Accuracy: 8/10

The RPD is most peoples favourite LMG. It balances all factors well and can be an absolute monster in the right hands. Recoil is mostly Lateral. That is the gun tends to swing side to side on firing. It’s quite easy to handle with some practice. This gun can be used with iron sights as they are excellent. However this is my favourite LMG for single shot sniping, it’s an extremely accurate and powerful single shot gun, even through walls. Deep impact isn’t 100% necessary here, but you may regret not using it when you see that red cross and don’t get your ten points. Absolutely deadly with an ACOG.

Verdict: Fully automatic sniper rifle. Great balance between all factors. A great all rounder but takes some practice to get used to.


M60 (Cindy)
Firepower: 10/10
Penetration: 10/10
Mobility: 5/10
Rate of fire: 6/10
Accuracy: Whats accuracy?

Well, what do you expect from Rambo’s s3x toy? Big gun, big firepower, big death. A monster of a gun, rivals the Barret 50.cal as the most powerful weapon in the game. This is a 1 shot kill weapon anywhere on the body in HC mode, even through surfaces in most occasions. Penetration is unbelievable, it can hit guys through 4 and 5 surfaces using deep impact. The iron sights might aswell be a steaming turd atop this mammoth gun. Use a red dot at all times. (Or ACOG if you’re like me). This guns accuracy is wild. Its like grinding or manualing in a Tony Hawks game. You’re constantly trying to balance the unpredictable recoil, which goes in all directions with no distinct pattern. Single shot accuracy is again 100%, but after that it’s in our lord Jesus’ hands. Best to fire in small 5 or 6 round bursts. This gun creates allot of noise and muzzle flash, so be careful of your position when shooting. IMO, best weapon in the game. VERY BAD CQB WEAPON. Use a decent backup.

Verdict: I'll get banned if I say it honestly. So let’s just say good. DAMN good. Once you learn how to use it.


My personal setups:

Here are some setups I use daily:

M1014 with Red dot.
M60 with ACOG
Deep Impact

AK74u with no attachments
Deep impact
Stun Grenades

MP5 with red dot
SAW with red dot
Deep impact
Stun grenades

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hardcore LMG guide Empty Re: hardcore LMG guide

Post  MetalSoul23 on Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:55 pm

i love using lmg's on hc, other than snipers

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hardcore LMG guide Empty Re: hardcore LMG guide

Post  HelpMeKakashi on Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:21 pm

I LOVE defending buildings with LMGs in HC. I Don't move too much so I don't need the overkill.

Typically I'll have

Capturing a building
Whatever LMG + RDS
Sleight of Hand
Extreme Conditioning

Holding a building
Whatever LMG + RDS
Claymore (or sometimes C4 if big SnD map)
UAV Jammer
Deep Impact

Personal notes:
-ACOG moves too much for me, I tend to get more headshots with the RDS, especially very long and very short range
-Usually just "mobile camping" a certain area keeps people coming back to you and helps you avoid a nasty cooked nade. The three story in Crash, the back area of the tin tower in Backlot, the wooden bridge at Overgrown, etc. Not to mention that nearly every sniping spot can be used somewhat effectively, even more so if you're just there to ambush ninjas coming after the snipers.
-In the longer range maps, I tend to make better use of the M60's 1 or 2 shot kill.
-I hardly ever reload because I have to.. sometimes when that part of the map becomes stale I might reload then move on.
-I also have trouble with corners when it comes to facing people with SMGs. They just move way too fast..


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hardcore LMG guide Empty Re: hardcore LMG guide

Post  h1dd3nn sn1p3r on Sun Mar 08, 2009 8:37 pm

umm i have a few problems with ur advice[maily the SAW]....the saws ironsights seem[at least to me] the best attachment,i wont even put acog or rds or grip on my saw,even when availble,the saw seems to kill much faster with ironsights,and i have acctualy almost perfected the ironsights...and um m60 with acog is so much recoil lol how do u manage? and acog rpd is like a bigger clip ak-47 acog[my headshot setup for ak-47 = acog lol]
h1dd3nn sn1p3r
h1dd3nn sn1p3r

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hardcore LMG guide Empty Re: hardcore LMG guide

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