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First things first...Not every map is good for sniping,but for a good sniper that's not a problem,except the small maps
like Wet Word and Shipment.

Let's start:

Weapons -
Almost everybody are suggesting some weapons,but which weapon is suiting you-is the right one (there is always stopping power perk).
My favourite choice is the Barret because it's soo ****ing good.Your gun ofcourse should be silenced-and you're off the radar.
Desert Eagle no matter how god it is it's shouldn't be in your inventory(fav choice USP silenced).
About the Perks:

Perk 1:
Bandolier-Gives you up to three times more ammo. My favorite perk 1.You'll be constantly running out of ammo with sniper rifles (especially the Barret)
The Bandolier perk is unlocked at Level 32, Captain 1.

Bomb Squad-Allows you to see enemy explosive devices with a skull icon above them. Underrated, not the best perk for most classes but for stealth and sniper it is golden. If you want no chance of being detected, this perk will save you. Plus maybe you’re walking past a building with explosives in it, that’s a key that there’s probably a sniper on the roof. Spray the wall, destroy the claymore, and have at that sniper.
Unlocked at Level 14, Staff Sargeant 1

Frag X 3-This one is my second favourite choise because almost always i say "Damn,if i only had one more frag".As a sniper is very good to have the frags because when cooked they are great at cleaning house + you are not a red dot on the radar.

Perk 2:

UAV Jammer - Allows you not to be seen on the enemies UAV sweep after they get a 3 kill streak. You will still be able to be seen if you fire a weapon unsilenced, however. If you wanna stay off their scans and catch them off-guard as they’re heading to the red dot on their radar this perk is wonderful. Also, to be super stealthy, this will keep you safe.

Overkill- When you're a sniper you die in two way.Being counter-sniped or shot in a close range combat.So instead of pistol,get a silenced MP5 or some other close-to-mid range weapon (silenced ofcourse).

Stopping Power - Increases weapon damage to 140%, however no increase in wall penetration. This is a great perk to use together with accurate guns that don't do much damage such as the M40.Recomended for beginers.

Perk 3:

Iron Lungs- Increases the time a sniper can hold their breath while zoomed, to 8 heartbeats (200%) in-game. This should be every snipers favorite perk. (as oposed to the default 4 heartbeats).This one is recomended for the ones that aren't very good at aiming.

Dead Silence - This is precious one beacause it makes you silent as a grave - same as you crouch.Very handy when you are cleaning a house with a sniper or camper in it.

Deep Impact - It makes the bullets penetrate deeper.This one is good when you know that there is a sniper behind the wall,just waiting to spray the wall.

Tactics...or something like that:

1.Moving-No matter what other guys say the best way of protecting yourself is not being in the same place after a couple of shots ('cos now you are a blip on the radar).So my suggestion is after a kill change you position even if it is very near.When moving do it proned-move proned when the background is making you camouflaged,like grass-but when crossin a street run fast.But if you see that there is traffic around stay put untill the way is clear.
2.Hiding-When you shoot a guy and you assume that he knows your location move away and wait him to come for revenge and put him down,again.About hidind you should know that if you are scoping from a window take a couple of steps back and find the spot from where you got the victims head on sight,that way nobody can snipe you (except the victim) because you are in the house and not putting your head in "public".
3.Scoping-When you're on the open field you should open your eyes wide for any movement,thens scope and wipe out.

Some quick tips:

Move a lot,but carefully.
Change positions.
Take your time to get a shot.
First frag the room then enter (if you use Frag x3 perk)
Don't stick your head out from windows.
Stay away from teammates.
Dark is your friend.

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