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Post  WWW.REDTIGERELITES.NET on Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:13 pm

We all have encountered the scenario where you are alone in S&D, facing up to six other people. This guide is to help you Solid Snake your way to a victory, or Air Support in the next round. We call this being a clutch player.

Part 1: General Equipment Recommendations (can vary depending on skill of player):

Primary Weapon: Any SMG, or Full Auto Assault rifle. (Silenced)
Secondary: Any Pistol. Your pistol should be silenced if your primary weapon is not, and should not be silenced if your primary weapon is. You always want a noise maker to bait enemies should you need to do so.

Perk 1: Any perk but brandolier, or RPG. Recommended: 3 Frag, or Claymores. Bomb Squad (if HC).

Perk 2: Uav Jammer is highly recommended. If you can get past the crutch of Stopping Power on most full-auto auto weapons, you will be a much better player. Stopping power is the only other perk you should think about. Overkill is tempting, but picking up a gun from a dead teammate/enemy gives you the same benefit plus an additional perk 2.

Perk 3: Dead Silence. Congratulations! You can now move silently without crouch walking across the entire map! This perk will save your life MANY times.

Special Grenade: Smoke, unless your use of a single stun or flash grenade gets you a kill more than 60% of the time you pop it.

Part 2: Where do I go? (Offense)

Here is a rule of thumb I use:
The smaller the map, the quicker you want to make it about 1/3 or 1/2 of the way to the enemy bomb site in a secure location. Ideally, this location will be:

-One that shields you from mostly any grenades.
-One that has very few entrances.
-One that has multiple surfaces on which the sounds of enemy footsteps change.

Sample location: Spawning on offense on Backlot, run to the bottom of the MG building towards bomb site B. Enter the restaurant portion from the alley side window after setting a claymore behind the oil drum. Set your other claymore at an angle covering the main entrance to the stairs. Camp the restaurant, killing those who enter the MG building, and anyone trying to rush the alley and flank your spawn.

You are now:
-Immune to most grenades.
-In a prime position to detect rushers (directional sounds + wooden floors)
-In a GREAT position should you have to man up alone.

Part III: Where do I go again? (Defense)
-Defense is simple, pick one of the two bomb sites, and do not leave it until the bomb is planted at the other site (unless teammates confirm visual on downed bomb.) When you are the last person alive, NEVER wander aimlessly between the two sites. You ideally want a spot in which you can sit perfectly still, guarding one entry point, while your ears and claymores cover your blind spots.

-Always assume the enemy knew you were at the other bomb site if they planted at A while you were guarding B, or vice versa. Pick your assault route into the defuse location accordingly. You want the least likely covered entrance, but always assume they have eyes on the bomb, and always KNOW they will be within hearing distance of you opening that brief case. Smoke comes in handy here, because it is a huge attention diverter. Throw smoke through the door at the entrance you will NOT be going in.

-Work on finding ninja defuse spots. Watch a few ninja defuse montages on youtube to get a few ideas of where people never seem to look. When left on a three on one situation or greater on defense, a defuse is your best bet. If you get good at it, it becomes a reliable skill rather than a parlor trick for montages. (I’d say I have an 80-90% success rate with them on a given day.)

-As you play more and more search, you should be able to narrow the bomb planter’s location to 3 potential spots without having ever seen him.

Part IV: General Clutch Maxims:
-The more people left on the opposing team, the more likely they are to get curious and poke around on your half of the map. This is when dead silence will save your life.

-Enemy rushers are your friends, they are free kills should you be aptly prepared. Killing rushers with a silenced weapon will begin to freak out the other team. Switch locations slightly to avoid counter camping measures such as grenades.

-Try to think like the other team. If you have killed an enemy, remember that his allies will see a skull icon at his last location. Team responses include:

*Sending another man to that location (stupid)
*Grenading that location (not as likely, because most people spam nades at the start of the round)
*Setting their sights towards that skull, or a near by exit point (good call, this is why you need smoke)
*Filling the location with LMG fire through barriers/walls WHILE covering the exit points (this is what my team does Razz)
*Doing nothing (the BEST thing you can do. Even the lone wolf escapes, he still has to plant the bomb)

-If being rushed by multiple people, sneaking past them is a better option than killing them. Two enemies in your spawn is two less enemies guarding bomb point B. And now you know what route they will take after you plant the bomb. Ignore the urge to kill anyone that is near you, only go for nearly 100% full proof kills that won't get you picked off right after you get a single +50.

-If you cannot win a round, at least try to get a UAV for your team next round.

-Always stay within earshot of your bomb when planted, rather than within eyesight. A single grenade is a great defensive tool for delaying your enemies. Remember, you don't have to kill them all, just keep them from defusing the bomb until there are less that 5 seconds on the clock.

-Avoid chronic reload syndrome. Reload only when you are taking cover. Ideally, prone next to a door, so you can knife anyone that barges in.

-When holding a room, prone next to either side of the door (stretch your body along the wall), rather than crouching in a corner of the room. You are a smaller target, and most people check corners, not blind spots, if they check anything at all.

-Never cook a grenade in the open. Always start from behind cover, peek to throw it, and return.

-Check the back button and count the number of people alive that are lvl 44 or above of any prestige. Assume those people are using dead silence until proven otherwise.

-You are not helpless if an enemy drops a martyrdom. Throw it away (towards other enemies works well ).

Above all, stay calm. I play with people who freak out if they hear lots of sets of footsteps around them, and run out guns blazing. People who switch to their pistol when they still have half a clip in their AR/SG. These people often ensure that I am the last person alive Razz

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