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Post  WWW.REDTIGERELITES.NET on Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:07 pm

1. instead of the deagle as your side arm if you use the M9 pistol and bandolier you have a massive 270 bullets instead if the usual 90.

2. if you walk past a longer range wep e.g. M4 carbon, it would be a good idea to pick it up and replace your secondary wep (i realise this contridicts my first point but it depends what you value more either being able to shoot further or having more bullets)

3. attatchments, i think we should put the scope out of the picture because if you want to shoot a gun long range you use an assault rifle or a sniper, now silencer or red dot? now some people would say without thinking about it red dot sight.... i am not one of them people, the only reason i used red dot on this was to get my red tiger camo with headshots, now i have it i use silencer and i barely use the iron sight because as long as i have the steady aim perk i find the hip fire is brilliant, the only problem is that if you meet an enemy at medium to long range he will have a big advantage over you.

4. lastly and this should be the case for every gun, i see this mistake being made all the time, DO NOT SPRINT AROUND CORNERS, this is because in the amount of time it takes you to be able to aim you will be dead, unless your enemy is retarded.

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