Why is probation so long!? *Read this*

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Why is probation so long!?  *Read this* Empty Why is probation so long!? *Read this*

Post  RTE NAMELesS on Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:58 pm

Many of you might wonder why the probationary period is 1-3 months long. The short answer: to ensure quality members!

Basically the probation period starts from the time you officially declare interest (submit an app). After 1 month I will begin to take your app more seriously and ask myself questions like:

* Is it working out with this individual? (Personality, timezones, etc)
* How skillful is this person really? (Is he a badass, a noob, or is he decent but showing me hes gettin better all the time)
* Does he frequent the forums often and stay in (semi-regular) contact with me or other RTE members?
* Does he bring a special skill to the group that I may have use for ASAP? (very personable, technically web savy, extreme COD skills)

How long it takes me to feel comfortable with the answers to these questions will decide when the individual is "officially RTE." The best thing you can do is never ask how your app is coming (unless it has been well over a month), and just take care of the stuff that is in your control.

To be blunt, RTE probationary periods are not as long/strict as some powerful (pro) gaming communities but they're intentionally longer than a "run of the mill" clan. Good luck everyone. Smile

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Why is probation so long!?  *Read this* Empty Re: Why is probation so long!? *Read this*

Post  Guest on Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:48 pm

Hey man, this probation period is nothing compared to the firefighting world i'm in, you think 1-3 months is rough try doing a year long probation and if you mess up once your done, kinda puts things in perspective a little bit.


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