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Post  Rory F on Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:34 am

1] Your xbl gt. xII R0RY F
2] Your level/prestige & Your k/d. 3RD prestige 1.08kd 2 nukes
3] Which game modes you primarily play (I.e....... TDM, SND, DOM) tdm mostly
4] Do you own a cap card or digital camera?no
5] Headset? (i.e. Astros, Turtlebeaches, etc) standard And Wireless standard
6] GB experience/rank (be complete) My GB Rank is 335,340th I Have 541 GB Rank Points
7] How do you describe your gameplay a) fast-run n' gun b) camper c) move around cautiously d) a little of everything. i am mostly a Run N` Gun but i will Camp on some maps depends on how the match is being played
8] Which days/times throughout the day can you play MW2? (be very specific. If you don't know what your schedule is going to be that's not my problem) 7 days a week mostly I Am From The UK So i dont know the time diffrence Smile
9] Whats your age and what state/province do you live in? 17 UK
10] Why would you make a good clan or team member? i like organization and team play,
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Post  RTE NAMELesS on Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:07 pm

Well this is a pretty good looking app, however RTE has traditionally shied away from accepting UK apps.

However, perhaps if I can pull in enough UK gamers, we can have a UK squad as well (I'm not opposed to that). With that said, welcome my friend--

Plz don't be intimidated by the lengthy probationary period. It will serve the clan well in the long run.

Make sure to add me to xbl!

*Update* Member withdrew app

RTE & me are kinda like the hair club for men..... I'm not just the founder..... I'm a member too!
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