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Post  I AM BIN LADDEN on Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:02 am

1] Your xbl gt. I AM BIN LADDEN
2] Your level/prestige & Your k/d. 2nd prestige 2.08kd 24 nukes
3] Which game modes you primarily play (I.e....... TDM, SND, DOM) tdm mostly
4] Do you own a cap card or digital camera?no
5] Headset? (i.e. Astros, Turtlebeaches, etc) standard
6] GB experience/rank (be complete) i am not on gb but i would like to be
7] How do you describe your gameplay a) fast-run n' gun b) camper c) move around cautiously d) a little of everything. i am mostly a camper but i will run around on some maps depends on how the match is being played
8] Which days/times throughout the day can you play MW2? (be very specific. If you don't know what your schedule is going to be that's not my problem) 7 days a week mostly unless working late 5-10
9] Whats your age and what state/province do you live in? 23 alberta
10] Why would you make a good clan or team member? i like organization and team play, monkey see monkey do, am i right


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Post  RTE NAMELesS on Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:51 am

Very good app! Alberta is moutain time zone (i think) so only 1 hour different than me out here on west coast. Cool

I think it would be very easy for us to find a few guys who might be up for a team. Camping is not a bad strategy at all. Especially on gamebattles. There are some really good offensive teams on gb. Camping is one way to combat that and also is good at developing team skills like "setting up basic defensive perimeters" (as 1 unit).

Anyways, I'm kind of a busy guy with working monday-friday morning-afternoon........ so I'm usually avaiable at night although sometimes I play in the day (sundays or I get every other friday off). I should be on thursday night and friday I have off so I'm hoping to be online and play all day. I need to get back up to level 29 for ninja!

RTE & me are kinda like the hair club for men..... I'm not just the founder..... I'm a member too!
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