New Recruit: Rkanum

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New Recruit: Rkanum

Post  mboring66 on Sun Oct 25, 2009 4:42 pm

1] Your age -- 16
2] Your XBL gamertag --Rkanum
3] Your prestige/rank -- 1st Prestige 55, other acct with 10th Prestige 55
4] Your K/D -- 1.38
5] Your kill streak -- 22
6] What game modes you prefer (i.e… SnD, DOM, TDM, HCTDM)? Domination, Headquarters, Team Deathmatch
7] What days/times are you usually available to play? Be sure to include timezone! 6pm est - 10:30pm est
8] Are you interested in joining the RTE gamebattle team? yes, if im good enough to keep up with other members
9] Could you follow orders from a player less skilled than you? yes, i respect the ranks of others
10] Why do you want to join the Red Tiger Elites? im looking for a good CoD4 clan with cool people. this seems like the place
11] How did you find out about us? --
12] Do you currently or have you ever played for another clan or competed on gamebattles team? Yes, i played on a team for about 6 months when CoD4 first came out. i left because i wanted to try halo 3 for a while. i played on a CoD WaW team before and left because the team i was on wouldn't show up to practice and games on time.


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Re: New Recruit: Rkanum

Post  RTE CRASH v3 on Sun Oct 25, 2009 4:49 pm




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