Latest News On MW2 [Shooting Down UAV's....Confirmed]

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Latest News On MW2 [Shooting Down UAV's....Confirmed] Empty Latest News On MW2 [Shooting Down UAV's....Confirmed]

Post  RTE Resistance on Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:05 pm

most of you may have already seen this post but heres to those who havnt.
Mixed Modern Warfare 2 News

MTV GameOne Interview

[UPDATED] Interview with the German MTV GameOne, a red carpet premiere in London and Best Buy's midnight sale locations.

For some reason the video needs to be downloaded completely first before it'll play (58MB, 10min). So it will take a while before it starts playing after you press play! You can also jump to » (German) to watch the video over there. Or scroll down and read our summary.


* Callsign editor is really to show you what you are worth. Some are not to be proud of (but funny, mostly) but some will be to show how bad ass you are at the game.
o Shotdown - Shoot down 20 helicopters; Will look like a man with a six shooter (revolver)
o Accident Prone - When you accidentally suicide a bunch of times or when they accidentally drop a carepackage (killstreak) on your head and kill you.
o There are hundreds of emblems/callsigns to unlock. This could also be simple ones like one-shot-sniper-kills to knifing a bunch of people.
o You can get marksman badge's for each and every weapon that you've mastered.
* The Multiplayer has changed so much with layers that have been added; like dynamic objects and ways to use the environment.
UAV in mid-air in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer
You can shoot down everything in the air, including UAV's which is now an physical UAV in the air.
o Some things that have been used as perks in the last game can now be used as equipment in Modern Warfare 2. A good example is the bandoleer perk in CoD4:MW which gave you more ammo which is now an attachment; "Extended Mags".
o You can switch out your frag grenade for a throwing knife for stealth. You can also pick this up again to use it again and again.
o You can update your perks; if you want to focus on speed and you get a perk that makes you run faster. If you unlock it's upgrade to the Pro version of the perk which will also make you aim faster.
* The reason for not doing a singleplayer campaign co-op is the fact that it would really destroy the cinematic feel in the game if you see 'Soap' MacTavish in front of you spinning around and shooting randomly in the air because your little brother things it would be funny.
o Robert also (sort of) confirms the "Estate" Special Ops mission to be in singleplayer campaign: "So instead we took the moments that were fun (talking about singleplayer campaign), like snowmobiles and defending a house with two players. And we took took those moments and put them in Specops and build out more levels specifically for Specops."
* Martyrdom in CoD4:MW was initially thought of as a way to help out the less experienced players but was abused widely by the more experienced players too. This was one of the reasons why they chose for Deathstreaks, to only be available to people that actually need it and not screw-up the balance of the game.
* While CoD4:MW focussed on you being the best killer, Modern Warfare 2 focusses on you being the best team member as you will be rewarded for everything you do; Killing a bomb plater or flag runner, returning a flag, capturing a flag and then capture the flag you will be rewarded even more.

Red Carpet Premiere » reports there will be a full blown red carpet premiere the day before launch in London.
Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 will be enjoying a red-carpet opening, launching in London's Leicester Square. The game will be shown on a big screen a day ahead of the game's worldwide release.

The event will also be supported by a midnight opening at HMV's Trocadero Store, alongside a 'VIP' launch party in a "secret underground bunker," which is said to be headlined by one of the "UK's biggest male artists of 2009."

Midnight Sale

MW2blog » has published a list with Best Buy's Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Launch Locations. So if you're in the US and have the day off, you might want to check if your local Best Buy will be open at Midnight!

[UPDATE] Aparantly you should check out your local GameStop too, as they might be open at midnight too.

Source: @kstrauss11 »

@Neejoh local gamestop locations in the US are having launch parties too. Some have info in store but not online yet...

To Check Out The 402 Interview At The Post
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Latest News On MW2 [Shooting Down UAV's....Confirmed] Empty Re: Latest News On MW2 [Shooting Down UAV's....Confirmed]

Post  nastynate14597 on Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:06 pm

Throwing knives? I thought Modern Warfare was supposed to be a more realistic game? Dumb

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Latest News On MW2 [Shooting Down UAV's....Confirmed] Empty Re: Latest News On MW2 [Shooting Down UAV's....Confirmed]

Post  RTE Deathdealer on Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:22 pm

ohh good i jizzed my pannts lol cant wait like 30 more days woot
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Latest News On MW2 [Shooting Down UAV's....Confirmed] Empty Re: Latest News On MW2 [Shooting Down UAV's....Confirmed]

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