Attention to All New Applicants!!!Please Read!!!

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Attention to All New Applicants!!!Please Read!!!

Post  Guest on Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:56 pm

Welcome to the Red Tiger Elites, my name/gamertag is RTE Grimm79. I am one out of the three Recruit Managers in the Clan. If you are looking for a Call of Duty Clan that is competitive, fun, and successful then you have found the right place to call home.

As a RTE recruit, you should change your CLAN Tag to (RTr) to signify that you are an official RTE recruit. You will then be put on a 3 week probationary trial in which you must prove that you have the skill behind the trigger, team oriented patience/abilities, and the focus to learn tactics/communication. Also, during this 3 week period, your participation on these CLAN Forums will also show further dedication/interest in your will to enjoy a different aspect of the COD 4. You might also further your camaraderie with fellow Clan members and maybe even your knowledge of the game on these forums as well.

After this amount of time has elapsed, a decision will be made as to whether or not your application will be accepted. This does not mean you have to be a 3.00 k/d player by any means, all it means is, that you need to have the will to step your game up to the next level, with like-minded folks who will help you achieve that goal. If you do succeed however and pass your probationary period, you then can change your CLAN Tag to (RTE) that of an official member.

This Clan offers a lot aside from the ingame benefits of having a solid team. We have a rank structure on the forums along with positions of responsibility for those looking for it and a reward/point system with a place to cash in the points for different clan rewards. We also enjoy many Clan competitions aside from the Game Battles competitions, in which the leadership chooses different ways to test our skills. The winner of these competitions could be rewarded many things from RTE points spent in the Awards and Special Clubs Section here and sometimes even Xbox Live Points or an Xbox Live Subscription Card.

In the end, please think deeply before applying to our Clan as we do not enjoy denying Applications due to the failure of following our guidelines/codes of conduct. Our Golden Rule: Please refrain from talking about Sexual, Drug/Alcoholic, Racist/Sexist, Religious topics or any other excessively rude behavior while gaming with us. This is the fastest way to get banned. You must remember that we are all different ages, come from different walks of life, and have many different levels/tolerances for what others think is funny, annoying, or just downright inappropriate. So please, just be respectful and mindful of others while you’re here and especially when you’re new here.
We are a fun, friendly, and TEAM/Competitive oriented Clan. If you are a new applicant and wish to start your recruitment process, just send me a party/game invite or a friend request and I will gladly join with you, for us to game together. If for some reason I do not answer your message/invite/request right away, just be patient with me, and I will respond to you. The following names need to be added to your friends list to start your recruitment:


*Also if your application gets locked for some reason or another, do not make another post/thread. Send me, RTE Grimm79, a PM and we will discuss what happened. We understand that real life can throw obstacles your way and that it might fall during your probationary 3 weeks or any other time ingame. This is by far, totally ok, since we are not Nazis. All that we ask is that you contact me, RTE Grimm79 or RTE CRASH v3 with any of these issues and we can work out the kinks.


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