Those wanting to JOIN must READ!

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Those wanting to JOIN must READ! Empty Those wanting to JOIN must READ!

Post  RTE NAMELesS on Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:29 pm

Hello and thank you for your interest in our clan. Before you submit an application, think about what your applying to. The games we play together are: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This is our main focus. We assume that you understand this before you submit an application.

Red Tiger Elite basic requirements

1] Mature gamers only: No annoying or disrespectful kids allowed.
2] TEAMWORK. Your individual skill will show on its own. We will be judging you more on teamwork and attitude during your probation.
3] ACTIVE participation in the clan. This means actively playing the titles we carry with other RTE members and frequently visiting/posting in our forums.
4] Be in the US or somewhere between GMT-5 and GMT-10.
5] Have a working mic (essential for teamwork).
6] Have experience playing the Call of Duty series. We’re looking for hardened players and experienced vets.
7] RESPECT our hierarchy. Remember, a new recruit is low man on the totem pole. Respect your commanding officer. Respect other members. Respect your opponents.

Like a Star @ heaven New Recruits- IF you have read/agreed with/ fit the above basic requirements….

Like a Star @ heaven Start a NEW TOPIC with the following information:

1] Your age
2] Your XBL gamertag
3] Your prestige/rank
4] Your K/D
5] Your kill streak
6] What game modes you prefer (i.e… SnD, DOM, TDM, HCTDM)?
7] What days/times are you usually available to play? Be sure to include timezone!
8] Are you interested in joining the RTE gamebattle team?
9] Could you follow orders from a player less skilled than you?
10] Why do you want to join the Red Tiger Elites?
11] How did you find out about us?
12] Do you currently or have you ever played for another clan or competed on gamebattles team? Yes or no? If yes, please elaborate and include reasons for leaving. FYI- we do not accept apps from people currently in another XBL clan or on another XBL gamebattles team.

Like a Star @ heaven Final Notes

NOTE: ALL recruits must pass a 3 week probationary period.....rejected applicants must wait at least 30 days before you can reapply.

NOTE: During your 3 week probationary period you should put [RTr] in your clantag to help other members know you’re a recruit.

NOTE: AFTER you have posted this information, please add our Founder/Commander, Lieutenant General, and most importantly, our Recruiting Manager(s) to your XBL friends.

Also As of September 25th 2009 all new recruits will be going through a scoring process in which they must amass at least 75% (15 points) or more to gain access to member status and become accepted. Once the scoring has been posted in the recruits application all recruits with 15 points and above will become accepted. Any recruit with less then 75% (14 points or below) will be declined and be asked to wait 4 weeks before re-applying to the Red Tiger Elites. All point totals are final and thread is locked once they have been posted. They are not open to discussion with your Recruiting Managers.

Skills -/6
Attitude/Personality -/5
Activity -/5
Age -/2
GB exp -/2
TOTAL -/20


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